I dislike all my sisters very much, of course for various reasons. lol but they come to visit my mother whom I have been taking care of for years now and act like they are a wonder for her and they treat her like a kid. Drives me nuts. When they do she just nudges me or smacks me in the elbow to be quiet. Any one have suggestions on how to handle them? Years of biting my tongue is wearing thin and I'm running out of patience.
Let it out - set them straight. You have been caring for her and not them, they only show up when it suits them. I watched my sister in law go thru the same hell that you are going through and it tore her up. Just my two cents worth.
Thanks celesteb! I only say nothing out of repect for my mom but you're right. It's time. If not to get them off their selfish high horse but to make them see to respect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. She's old not an invilid and I love my mom but she deserves better. Just once they do it to her this visit I'm saying something!!! LOL thanks
You go girl, Let me know how it works out.
if the slap on the elbow leaves a scar you can get her for child abuse
Paint the door a different colour. Change to a new telephone number. Change the locks. Failing that, get a big dog and a water pistol.
everyone has value
Be straight forward with them!! Let them know exactly how you feel. Don't let them make you feel inferior after all your the caregiver and have the upper hand. Don't allow them to disrespect your Mom or you. I understand it's their Mother too but that doesn't mean they can just take over and treat your Mother as if she's not the Matriarch of your family.
I understand how you feel but I think it's a good idea to not let it get competitive for attention. We do not choose our family and some we get on with better than others but if your mom prefers that you keep quiet to make her life easier then why not go along with it.