I hate to ask you this candle... what have you been smoking? I don't see any insults at all.
Candlefish wrote:
peachShiraz wrote: Wow! Bless your heart, candlefish....you are going to re-up aren't you?

It would be a shame to miss the many lessons you provide.

Hey! What is this, an insult in disguise? That's not allowed on here, haven't you been reading all these posts by these, oh so learned scribes. But I get it, you're just fishing for me to say something that get's the string pulled by your buddy-at-arms on the admin team right. Well I won't..I'll only offer a daily exercise.

First, stand straight up with your feet about Twelve inches apart, mostly for stability. Then twist your body around, but only from the waist up...How we're doing a-okay?..good. Then , and I know at our age it's a bit difficult, but twist all the way around until your arm is at your back...atta-girl. Then, you reach down and smartly pull that cork out of your ass...I bet you feel so much better don't you?.

You're gonn'a thank me for this...I just know it.

The more you post, the more insults coming from you. More insults, more insults, more insults... I guess it will never stop... oh well, we tried and I guess it can not be help when someone has to do all the insulting. *hint yup it candlefish*
My, my, my...........

Truckdriver: You might have learned from me how to" read "......clearly, I am not here looking for a man.......friends if possible, discussion, fun, funny.....that's it and is so stated on my profile. I don't know Jaffa, but, if I did, from what I've seen, I don't think that would be a black mark against me.

Candle: YOU!? Confounded by my words? Just as you snotted off to Mort, "you wouldn't recognize an insult from me if it jumped up and smacked you square in the forehead".......paraphrased, and, of course, no harm intended... seems you may just have a problem with basic comprehension.... Gosh, if I wished to be derisive, I might call you a wally, or a prat, or tosser......but, that would be just plain puerile, wouldn't it?

Perhaps we could now return to the topic of this thread?

I would caution seeking advice in such a public setting. Not that there aren't many here that could offer up some insight via their own experiences, but...... if I were the woman in question and found myself being discussed in such an open format, I would be angry. I think it better to speak directly to your lady friend, express your concerns and feelings, and make a decision based upon her responses and reactions. I could be totally off the mark and it is simply my opinion.
Well the holy water comes in handy  :lol: yes candle you are intelligent you know what I mean  :wink:. it is a shame you will never change, insulting is what you do best, besides your usage of big words. like I said big words do not make you a clever person. has for me I don't need big words but I am clever.  I agree with the rest of the ladies that we should  focus on the topic that this thread was intended for. I apologise to the member for how his thread turned out. but in truth it was not the ladies that turned this thread around.    ' just put that in so you would not be put of women'   :lol:                                              
I am also sorry how this thread turned out for the gentlemen who started this thread. There are lots of good ladies and gentlemen on this site.
I am also very sorry how this thread went off the rails but a few men every chance they get want to put us down. All I can say, I would not want to be discussed in an open forum. Your personal information on relationships should be kept private. Just my own opinion too!
I totally agree with you Angel, your personal relationship should be kept private. As we know from this thread that it can get carried away, so it is best to keep your personal relationship to yourself and not on the forum. I can only imagine how this gentleman must feel when he seen how it went off topic and it was so unfair for him that his subject isn't about the battle of women or how to treat woman. I hope that we all learn from this that when someone post a topic, that we should stay on that very topic.
I beleive while I was away someone put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Please forgive Mutley for chasing the cat to the pigeons

Image  Image

 Mutley .....stop...now !!!

LOL BC at least you won't have those pigeon mess around :wink:
I don't want to discuss my relationship in an open forum. I would like some advice though. How do you have a healthy relationship after being in unhealthy relationships?
Buttons, the answer is time. You need time to become accepting and comfortable with yourself so you won't try to be something else for him. And it takes time to realize you can't change him.

Get interested in other things, invest your time in volunteering, take a class, apply for a different job, learn to change the oil in your car, start writing in a journal, do something to establish yourself with you. When you're the most important person in your life, better men will recognize it.
Thank you Joceannora.
Buttons  Joceannora   is  right, it is time .  you need time to heal from a past unhealthy relationship, to make any future relationships work. take the the time like the lady said do some positive  things in your life, and to work through what you do not want or need in a new relationship. good luck I hope you find what your looking for and what you deserve  x 
Is it really posible to give  consoling advise to someone that has been hurt?  The only tbing I think of is that one should not let the past become cbains robbing us of the ability to move to new joys
Buttons wrote: I don't want to discuss my relationship in an open forum. I would like some advice though. How do you have a healthy relationship after being in unhealthy relationships?

Time heals all wounds, give yourself the time to heal and do things or be with someone who can be a positive influence in your life. Most of all, have fun!