As a visitor of this forum you are warmly invited to take part in a research project on seniors' online communities.

Participation in this survey is anonymous and voluntary. No risks are anticipated, and the questions are not expected to cause any discomfort.

Volunteers will simply be asked to fill the survey and sincerely answer all (or most) questions. This should take 10 minutes of their time.

To review the survey, please visit:

The results of this study will be used for scientific purposes only.
They may be published in a scholarly report, a journal article and/or a conference presentation.

You are encouraged to participate!
It is anonymous and will not take much of your time.

Thank you,

Galit Nimrod, Ph.D., Fulbright scholar
The principle investigator
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Hi everybody,

Here are some quotes of what your peers, who took the survey, said about it:

"I've just done it and it did indeed take around ten minutes as stated, maybe slightly less. There's nothing in it to scare the horses and anything you don't wish to answer may be skipped over."
"I received the survey and have completed and sent it. There was nothing in it that caused me concern."
"No worries at all, very straight forward."
"Done. It was not painful at all, easy peasy."

Please join this collaborative effort and take the survey too:

It is anonymous and will not take much of your time.

The results will be sent to 50PlusClub.
Therefore, your participation will help 50PlusClub serve YOU better!

Many many thanks,
If this survey would be endorsed by the administrators of this site I might answer. I did however copy and paste the address above in another browser tab, and I clicked yes to participate.
I can say that you don't have to answer all questions because I whizzed through without answering one single question. Best survey I've seen yet and it took me less than a minute.
I sometimes wonder where all the information from surveys is going to be used.
I thought you were not supposed to post your email address in these forums and such
Also the survey is not run by the site?
This site is for members looking for friends or partners and those who join for other reasons should not be here. I never take part in surveys as there are usually underlying commercial reasons for it. Why else would anyone be interested in our opinions?
The club has looked at Galit's survey in more detail and agreed on this occasion to be involved as we feel that the answers might help the club and its members.
I have looked at the survey once again. This time I noticed that on the last page Question 24 asks if you would be willing to participate in a follow up survey AND to give your email address.

24. Would you be willing to participate in a follow up survey on seniors' online communities?
It will be MUCH shorter ;-)
If so, please provide you e-mail address.



My e-mail is: (please specify)

So much for anonymous survey.
More than ever we must be careful about what we give out on the internet. Would you lend your credit card to anyone that asks you?
I have expressed my concern about giving my postal code on here. Did you know that with the postal code you can pinpoint the location of your residence to a few houses? Try it on Google. When I did mine, I was one of 20 houses in a stretch of less than a quarter mile. Am I the only one to find that scary?
Common sense. You and I developped it through the years as a safeguard. Use it. Ever had someone at your door trying to sell you a stereo? What did you think, that Sears was hiring independant wholesalers?
I am upset that trust is so easily given these days. A good looking letter in the mail, an email from your bank requiring you to log in to make sure everything is ok, a telephone call announcing that a relative left your name at a retail store and you got picked for a fabulous cruise...and let's not forget those 30 year olds that say that "age or distance doesn't matter".

In my opinion if this community wants to survive, everyone has a duty to report scammers or suspicious activities. What if you're wrong or I am wrong? Well I'll admit to making a mistake. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks for reading.
Hi davidrv,

I agree. It is always better to be safe than sorry…

Please note that if you do not wish to participate in the follow up survey, you can simply choose the "no" option in question 24. In that case you remain 100% anonymous.

Your participation in the current investigation will be greatly appreciated even if you do not wish to participate in the follow up and/or provide your e-mail.

There are no hidden commercial interests behind this survey.
It will be used for scientific purposes only.
If you have any doubts regarding my identity, just "google" my name and you will see that I'm a real person, who works in a known university.

If you have any further questions about this research project, please feel free to contact me via this website or by using my contact info provided in the survey site.

Here is the link again:

Best wishes,

Galit Nimrod
We need just a few more survey takers!!!
I've heard from many of you who have taken the survey and found it "painless" and enjoyable.

The study results will be sent to 50plus Club.
Thus, it will help the community administrators serve YOU better.

Come on and take the survey:

Thanks so much for your collaboration!

All the best,