i will give 1000.00 dollars to anyone that will show me a legitimate home business where i can make 800.00 a month
once i make the first 1000.00 its yours!!!!!

im sick of the get rich quick scams
Anything worth having is worth working for. Nothing in life comes easy. If it comes to your door you don't need it. etc etc
I am not a believer in get rich quick schemes, my first husband spent 72 yrs looking for the next "widgit" so he could be rich. He died leaving his 2nd wife with a large mortgage, car payments and not enough money to pay for his funeral.
I have found a way to make enough money so my house & car is paid, I paid my 2 son's mortgage's all from my little business from home. However, I do not want to write what I do as someone will steal my idea or my secret will leak out. I can show you how to bring in a few thousand a week or month. Email e and I will see if it comes to my private email. :D :D
Do you have money for equipment and/or inventory? - I started my business on a shoestring but had to max-out a credit card or two to get it off the ground. If you're looking for free startup I don't know of any.