Hi I am new here
Wow, you WERE new and so many people saw your post but no one responded to say even welcome? That's odd and seems insensitive as a "community" response. I just joined a few days ago, and will see how it goes, but from a fellow newbie, a newer newbie, welcome! *Even if this is not the board to make intro. posts :)
Hello to those who are looking to connect, I am excited to join this forum and get to know some of you.
I work mostly at night so I miss many events, I have a great sense of humor and looking to exchange
fun and positive thoughts, Say hello back and I look forward to getting to know you better
Hello to all the newbies. I am also a newbie trying to find my way around this site.  I hope to meet friends and add some happiness and laughter to my life. Its awesome to be here!  (:
Hi Mauri. I'm also new to this site. I want to say welcome and wish you luck in finding whatever you're looking for.  (: 
Hello!Fellow Newbie here :D
Hi I new here, looking for a long term relationship lady's x :)