It mention in chat sometimes and some people don't understand it, and that is because they don't know anything about it, never been to B.C.

When I mention it when the topic of B.C. Mountains near Hope, B.C. It is about a T.V. show that Jamie Davis is the main character of this show "Hi way thru Hell" and it is just that :shock: Especially during the winter months. I have never been on the Coq, but I am aware that phase 1 cut off four hours of driving time from Calgary to Vancouver, instead of taking number 1 which is 14 hours drive.

I can remember my Uncle who live in Vernon, B.C. saying back in the 70's mention about B.C. putting a hiway from Kamploops/Merrit to Hope. It finally came through after many years of discussions.

Jamie Davis also move some of his crew and equipment to Fort Mac area to make money when the Government said that Al Quiring and Jamie take on rotating shifts, Davis wasn't making money so he move most of his crew to northern Alberta.
ON Davis unit it would say HR116, thought of what HR stand for and figured it out "Heavy Rescue".

Mission Towing is also on this show and more towing outfits that show how they plan on getting the job done in the most dangerous situation.

It amazing how they can do the rescues on such narrow roads, or logging roads, tight fitted area, keeping the hi way open at all times, keeping the train track clear. Some of it sure is hair raising experience for those brave men out there in freezing temputures, Ice, Rock slide, Avalanche, so on and so fourth.

As they say, when that hi way is shut down, the whole world shut down. So those men have to work by keeping the road open and sometimes they have to shut down in order to make the rescue a success but only for a matter of time, like maybe 15 minutes.
I am sure that there are some who have experience this hi way can tell their experience of this hiway and it's project.

The only project of B.C. I seen is the "Hope Dam" the name change since then. But it was raining and so muddy and many construction trucks and units in building this Dam.

I have been back since then, it pretty, and educational as well, but VERY noisy! :lol:
The worst road that I been on in B.C. Mountains were the logging road, only one lane, if you meet a logging truck as we did, they have the right of way, so we had to back down the windy narrow road until we found a place to back the unit into so that the logging truck can pass us, just by the skin of our teeth, nerve racking too, mountain wall just a couple of feet and a cliff on the other side by a couple of feet which was like a 20 foot drop or so.
During winter storms and until the roads are cleared All highways' in Canada are like driving through "HELL" trick is stay home on the couch with a partner or a good book until the storm is over. Or take your chance!! My advice stay ott the roads if you are not a good winter driver.