Hallo from friendlyheidi
I belong to the Open University Geological Society , I like visiting volcanoes . I go on OUGS group holidays . I'm hoping to go to Portugal next year , somewhere new for me . Although no volcanoes erupting at present .

My profile picture shows me at the summit of Mount Etna last year . Etna in Sicily was my first volcano , in 1989 , I've been to over a dozen since .

I'd reallly like to have new friends of either sex with a bit of get-up-&-go , since my old friends' enthusiasm seems to have got up & gone ! They have got old all of a sudden & are too ill or tired to bother .
There are tons of things I'd like to do , visit museums & exhibitions , Indie music gigs as well as exciting holidays , I just need company . I did an OU geology degree , I'm a biologist by trade so am interesting & funny scientific company .

Please chat with me , I'd love to hear from you . 8)
Hey Heidi, loved your posting. I'm also into history and science (have the Evelyn Tables on my screensaver...!) and will really enjoy chatting with you about related travels, exhibits and stuff. Will send you a message.
Re Portugal, make sure to include Óbidos in your schedule - it's almost a straight line from the Azores, where I expect you'll be heading.
My plan for next year is Medieval Spain (Forum posting - Travel and Adventures). Let's talk about that, too - tips are more than welcome.

I only saw Sao Miguel island in the Azores , to see the dormant volcanoes . The scenery was lovely , very gren , lush , flowers everywhere , rural dairy farming . I would love to go back if I had someone to go with . Lots of hot springs & steam vents , the people are very friendly .

I don't have the holiday details yet , it's still being planned . We are supposed to be looking at igneous rocks i.e. from volcanoes or like granite in the mountains 3 hours from Oporto .

I don't know anything about History I'm afraid , so can't help there . I do know a lot about volcanoes , I got up close - within 10 feet - of lava at Hawaii .
But I did History at school & it's never too late to get a new hobby . I'd like to meet new people , to travel with , I like rollercoasters , gardens , exhibitions , the coast , country pubs - tons of things ! I just need someone to do them with !
I live near London. Can't drive but happy to use public transport .
Go to Panama, a wonderful vibrant city, with an dormant volcano. They will be celebating the opening of the canal in twenty fourteen. It should be a good party, new buildings and a major bioshere and art centre being built for the occassion.