there is a graphic site that hosts pictures to post on a forum.  Would you have the link? It is tiny something or other.
Hi there. I think you are looking for
Great name but we are going to have to look for a shorter nick-name for you :D
Thanks a lot Gwynnie.  I believe that is it.How about just calling me feline or CAT?  :lol:
I Know Gwynnie has already given you the site but here it is...
I keep it in my chatroom bookmarks so easy to retrieve...
great jaffa I will put that in my favorites. I think that is the same as bookmarking it. 
50pplus doesn't require that yo save an image anywhere and store it, you just need to "Copy Image Location" (right-click) from your browser and then paste it within the "IMG" tag in your posts.

I generally save iamges to my computer for backup...but I also like - and even pay a whopping 99-cents per month for ad-free access (if only 50plus premium was so cheap, LOL)!

Just another suggestion :)

Not sure what you mean by "properties of the gif"....but if you mean size/dimensions, etc you would have to open it in an image editor. I use Photosho CS but there are free ones as well, such as GIMP (

Hope this helps :)

I occasionally have problems getting images into posts and find that I then need to upload them to tinypics first and copy from there. When you upload to tinypics there is an option to resize your image. I usually use the web size. :)