I am looking for a good hosting site to store graphics and wallpapers. Would anyone here be able to direct me? :D
Hi bebeth, many people use tinypics or Photobucket. Both are free but beware all the ads! :)
Thank you Gwynnie, you are so kind. I will try tinypics. :D
Wow Gwynnie, that was a fast reply. I appreciate that as I have some photos I want to put somewhere.
I have used tinypics. for years to post photo's on forums, but it has never saved my photo's, however in photo bucket I have over 600 photo's etc. saved. But then I have not joined tinypics so ?
Hi Puternut, I have been using tinypics for a while with no problems. I joined for free and upload pics from my hard drive. I don't store personal pics, just fun stuff for here and other sites. It saves space on my hard drive as I can then delete them from there. Also I have had the occasion blip when pics won't upload to here from my hard drive but will from tinypics for some reason.