I rarely complain, but seriously, this is only June and as I took the trash out to the alley, singed my fingers on the metal gate latch. Even the wood on the gate was too warm. Hah ! Looked at the thermometer (which is in the shade) it registered 118F. July will be much hotter but I LOVE Arizona !! That's all !
Hi widow
Well simply keep the trash in the house until December - problem solved. You are welcome! :)
lol Wanderer !! Thank you,, but no thank you ?
Always happy to be helpful my friend Any time you need help you only need ask :)
BlackWidow if you wear welders gloves it wont be as hot to open the gate. :)
It was 97 here and I thought it was hot, but 118 wow. Hope my daughter is enjoying the heat.
Hope you stay cool.
My Cousin live in Yuma Arizona and it to hot there that the AC isn't keeping their place cool, I guess they are going to get a bigger one. 122 F, that is 48.88 C here, even at 25 C is about as hot as I can take. If it get any hotter then I think of going to the north pole to cool off lol.
whoa STAR,, I heard that Yuma got to 122F,, dang..Yes, .North Pole sounds good right about now,,,if I can just find Santa's number he left me,,i am outta here,, LOL
If you can't find Santa's number, you can always fill your bathtub with ice? Have an ice bath? :wink: