Hi I am a 56 year old lady who house and pet sits.  Looking always for new sits in different places.

Any one need a sitter please?
Thank you
feel free to mail me for more info. 
You sure don't look 56 ...and spamming on a dating/friendship site is just.....dumb. And poor business. Try social media instead. :roll:
Only just found your reply as although a newbie at time of posting ad, havent really got to grips with this site.

Firstly, I am 56 and secondly your comment is rude. I am anything but dumb.
As far as I can tell about this site, there are numerous listings on the side for all categories.

Maybe it should have been listed in travel and adventure.  I do not charge for my services, its a means of travelling on a small budget. And I have made good friends through it.

Oh wait...I am in the travel section after all.

House sitter available with good refs, usually repeat requests.
Hi Flounder: I travel all the time and a house sitter would be good for me. I am between NY and Boston, in CT. Lets chat about it. I am TOTALLY new to this site, so have NO idea about how it works yet. I hope you see this note.
As I look back on it (yes, it was some time ago) I remember there being a lot of "spammers" and "Trolls" around at the time. I mistook you for one and for that I apologize.

You look wonderful for your age and you certainly do not come across as "dumb".

I am humbly sorry. Hope you accept that :)

Yes do forgive him flounderingfish, he can be an ass sometimes, but he is a wonderful man at heart, with a great sense of humour,you will get use to him, not many would step up and apologise the way fishy did. kudos to you fishy x    ps just learnt that new word of Joce, its boss  :lol:
lol Mort, first I drop asshat and MustangSally decides it's her new favorite word, now you're liking kudos. Maybe I should drop a new word every week! :D

Hello FlounderFish and James, nice to meet you. :) I wish there were traveling handy men who would come and stay for a week to help me get the heavy and too high up stuff done here at the house. I hope your house sitting gig works out well.
That's a good idea Joce, lol but you will have to tell what they mean  :lol:  the house sitting is a good idea think I might try that  :D
I'm house-sitting for my Aunt,  and  her rather untrained dogs in September, down the top of South Island,for two weeks, I think because like my pooch theirs aren't any better trained (there will be four dogs,her two & her friends two) and I'm a big sook when it comes to dogs .

They are paying for my airfares ...so all good,my cousin lives there too so we can go on the rantan & go tikki-touring during the day,maybe I might even go skiing as there are ski fields near by..then again maybe not lol 

 It is often cheaper to get someone you trust into house-sit your animals than to put them in kennels and they are happier animals staying home,imagine the bill to kennel for four dogs for two weeks!!
So I'll get a place to stay,use of her car,my cousin to play with and travel expenses paid for :D  
Sounds great Jaffa so jealous  :(
Can i go too, Im house trained, can fetch ur slippers, papers etc,
and i never smell or lick my own butt. 
If Scrummy goes am going to, am not missing out on all the fun I will keep on a lead and take him for walks if he his good  but I am not bathing him  :lol:
Great Auntie Lulu said I could bring a friend  :D
eeny meany minny mo....
hehe :)  
It's a tough decision, Jaffa. Morton obviously deserves to have a nice trip, but Scrummy needs to get out more. What can you do? :lol: