My username is the abbreviation of my name, family name and pet name.The number is the Thai calendar year which Thailand became a Constitutional Monarchy country. :wink:
That sounds like a very creative way to decide your user name. I am a new comer to this group and to using the computer in general.I have to admit that my user name is simply my real name-Alison Nydick Haller.Nothing creative or abstract,pretty concrete. But thank you for sharing how you came about deciding on your user name. It encourages me to 'think outside the box' and take some creative risks.
Good morning all, :) . I am new to the site so should introduce myself. Having spent much time flyfishing for trout my name,, Diawl bach is simply a very old fishing fly invented by a welsh man.
It loosely translates as ' little devil ', and is widely acknowledged to be one of the best ever.