Every time you take a date one is always wondering if you measure up or not. Women only want to have the investment returned. It's like putting your money into a bank...one expects the interest to grow, well it is the same for relationships past and present. We get over the relationships because we have too what else can we do but move on. If we continue to be stuck in the past, we definitely won't focus on future encounters and maybe we will miss a great opportunity. I have lately been watching the Steve Harvey show and he has some good pointers about men and women re: relationships and he concludes that men have a fixed idea in their mind of what they want and need. If they say "no" they do not want a serious relationship then they have made up their minds. Of course, Steve Harvey will stick up for his male colleagues because he feels that women do not have the right approach to a man's mind and his decisions. I would have to beg to differ in this instance because not all women are dependent and show it, we don't live in their pockets, we are independent, self-reliant, we just have to find the right individual who appreciates what we have to offer. He also has to be a good investment too. Again it goes back to the bank analogy that you want a good return on your money so you shop around for the right bank. It's the same for men, you must find the right person to invest in so that you too can get better results. Here is one of his quotes: “Women want their love to be reciprocated in the same way they give it; they want their romantic lives to be as rewarding as they make them for their potential mates; they want the emotions that they turn on full blast to be met with the same intensity; and they expect the premium they put on commitment to be equally adhered to, valued, and respected.” (by Steve Harvey)
Continuing from previous post about how we should be acting in a relationship. I thought I would add this interesting fact from Dr. Love's book.

“When men feel as though a new relationship is going from zero to “let’s move in together” at light speed, most of them will try to slam on the brakes. “There is a biological reason why men and women move at different speeds in relationships,” says Dr. Love. “Sexual contact causes both men and women secrete a hormone called oxytocin, which intensifies feelings of love and the desire to nest. But in men, testosterone counteracts its effects. So afterwards, the woman is lying there feeling like they’ve bonded for life, while he’s wondering what’s on ESPN.” In other words, a woman may feel so connected to her guy as a relationship blossoms that she immediately starts thinking long-term; he, however, may not feel quite as committed to planning a future together.”

[b]“Not everyone has the same relationship goals, and it’s best to let things develop over time organically.” If you’re with the right guy, his heart will eventually catch up with his hormones. In the meantime, try to relax and simply have fun while you’re spending time together."

This is the key about relationships....have fun, relax while your having fun....don't expect too much and as result you won't be too disappointed. Don't stake out your man as if he is property because that will turn him off, but then on the other hand don't allow him to do the same. Certainly don't be needy because a guy certainly doesn't like a needy woman and I would hope that the man won't be needy either. Two people have to be in sync....if they are not its not going to gel. I honestly feel taking your time and go slowly one will cover every aspect of the relationship. If you say to yourself I don't have this kind of time then my feeling is rushing it you might find yourself skipping over very important details and then as a result your "house of cards" come tumbling down.

I am definitely no expert on matters of the heart only my own...and....I feel that taking my time works for me. I do want to get it right!   :)