Tell us a bit of how your weather is, do you like this kind of weather or no?
A tornado touch down west of Edmonton, weird time of year for us to be having them. This force the weather to head south, there is a winter storm watch in effect now... well, I guess we can say good bye to spring and see you soon. It is raining now and isn't suppose to until this afternoon, somewhere along the line, the meteorologist went wrong with their weather report, or mother nature decided to change her pattern. :?
sun is blazing this warm Sunday morning :D
Murky and miserable Monday morning weather, but with a promise of breakfast :D
It's so misty here I can only just see the houses across the road.... British weather. :roll:
Sara2101 wrote: British weather. :roll:

The weather is what makes us quintessentially British. You know? That fish n chips, cuppa tea, buttered scones, stiff upper lipped Mary Poppins Britishness that the entire world admires, moreso as most of the world was once a British colony. Canada, America and Australia still are!
It is cool and sunny Monday morning, can't wait for the sun to melt all this snow that we just had. + 1 so far, suppose to go up to +4 , not much of a change.
Blue skies, got nothing but blue skies all day long!
Misty morning, precipitation and porridge!
Normal. Sunny, 33C, Humid.
Cloudy, warm with slight breeze 16C
Got a sliver lining covering the sun, a wee breeze and temp of +2