I thought we could start a nice game of "How is your weather"?

I will start this game and hopefully others will follow :D
Right now it is cloudy with a little blue sky showing, a nice breeze to enjoy after a couple of hot dry days.
erm...could post the game rules so we know HOW to play? Do we go around the board buying cloudes and suns? And where are the pieces/tokens? I wanna be the lightning bolt! :lol:
LOL, you kill me laughing. There are no rules just tell us how your weather is where you are living?

Did you have rain?, heat wave? Do you have rainbow after the rain storm? Hurricane? Tornado?

I just post the image of the weather up there just to make it nicer :D
Weather today in my area of Colonial Heights, VA is not bad. High of 83 degrees, low of 63. Mostly sunny with relative high humidity of 74.6%. *Anytime humidity is above 60%, ya get that yucky feel to the air....oppressive.*(per my local weatherman) Southwest winds around 5 miles per hour. Ozone: Good Pollen: 8.7 out of 12.
Tomorrow: pretty much like today.
Rain possible beginning of next week.

I like the rain too.


Thanks for askin', stardaisy :)
LOL Daddyfish

Last night we had a bit of rain, which cool down the air, this morning it is cloudy, and I just notice that my thermometer is missing, so I guess that hail storm we had took it with them. Time to get another one.
I believe Daddyfish want to be a lightening bolt?
Someone said that it snowed in Banff, it is cool enough outside that it could feel like snow, it is cloudy so I am waiting to see if we do get snow :roll:
It stop snowing finally and now it so cold that even the penguins would be complaining that it is to cold for them.
THIS is why i left the cold, snowy winters of Colorado 3 + yrs ago! Yep i am...LOVIN' IT!!

High Lows
85° 60° Today
83° 60° Tomorrow
82° 59° Wednesday
81° 60° Thursday
81° 57° Friday

Mostly Sunny! Image