"A gas giant orbiting a burned-out star foretells what will happen here in about 5 billion years, researchers say."

Well yes, that's the likely future career for the sun (as predicted for many years). It will just leave a core of carbon and oxygen. Sadly the sun isn't quite large enough to do more exciting things at the end of its life. But it will still add to the net stock of C and O in the universe which can't be a bad thing for lifeforms far into the future.

What I can't get my head around so much is how you can find gold nuggets on earth. Well, I can read about the nucleosynthesis processes in supernovae but my mind still boggles at making the connection between that and finding lumps of the stuff here on our own backyard rock. Always a reminder though that we are all literally stardust (cue Joni Mitchell :D )