When my boys were born in Calgary, the quote was that there were more boys born in 1982, and not to many born in the years after. I recently heard that Montreal has a higher population in females, also on the news a while back during the middle east war, there were more men killed, more men killed in avalanches in our mountains, more men killed on farm machineries, just recently the NDP, the Alberta Government made some changes with that and got a lot of people upset, tractor convoy up the QEII protesting against it, soon enough the Government change that bill, lots of wives on farms have lost their husband because of farming accidents, even young children, mostly male. I am only speaking about what has been happen in Canada in recent years, and even in past years. Mind you, there are murders where hookers can be murders but then again men can be murder as well. Right now I am awaiting trial that is happen next month on a murder of a young father, Ryan Lane, there is a facebook saying something about "Help find Justic for Ryan".

Yes there are some female died on those Rockies as well, but a few compare to men.

So why are more men murder? Jealousy? Mind you, I am going by the quote of Calgary and Alberta.

LOL I can almost see people going out and see what the ratio is, men or women out there. :wink:

Graham1 wrote: According to records I have found there are slightly more males than females born in recent years. I post link below
http://www.geoba.se/population.php?pc=w ... &year=2015

I don't know where stardaisy gets her figures from?

OH I see, it say year of 2015, but nothing mention of previous years.
I got to thinking, San Digo had a unique experience of a new year baby 2016, they were twin, the boy was born just before midnight and girl born after midnight. Yes twin having different birthdays one year different lol.


Here is a link and more links with this news as well stating female new year baby born 2016 in Canada.

stardaisy wrote: What I am saying is, if a guy want a boy real bad, 99.9% it will be a boy, if a guy don't care or want a girl, then it will be girl.

Well...simply clicking her heels could get Mary Poppins flying on some of kind of witchery express. We all know. She simply willed herself to fly...and with just a light gust of wind...presto...umbrella transport. And...I was definitely a fan of Peter Pan when young. Maybe I still am. I flew out the window with those kids, in fact. Seriously.

Sounds like you believe that wishing can create reality. Universe as mere putty...reality as highly amenable to being molded by the almost omnipotent human brain. I wanna boy...I wanna girl.... POOF. The man just has to think it. Or...as Capt Picard was fond of saying on Star Trek: NG, woman's body responds: "Make it so." (It's like Q is helping the man do magic with his brain.)

You are correct that default is female. It takes more to make a male. But that's molecular mechanics...not 'beam it so'. More steps required. You seem to believe it's more like on Bewitched...wiggle nose. But Darren's will. Come on Samantha...pop me a boy.

Sorry to say...I sometimes see wishful thinking in yours. :-)
stardaisy wrote: what the ratio is, men or women out there.

Let's stay away from the killing ratio. We men own that one. We're still pretty much troglodytes compared to you more evolved females. I would ask though: what about breaking hearts? I would suggest that women are the champions of that. Death is quicker. Maybe more humane too. Shrug.

Sex ratio - per se - is very influenced by environmental factors, It is known that any molecule similar to a hormone can have a serious, often detrimental impact on reproductive development. Which is why it's not good we put so many artificial chemicals into the environment. They do not belong there.

We - humans - evolved from fish...jellyfish. The basic codes were laid down hundreds of millions of years ago...back when we were still fish. So if it messes up fish...and that's been shown again and again...it's likely to mess up humans, too.

Alberta has farming...that means pesticide/herbicide use. It has the oil industry. That means yet more contamination of the environment. Anywhere the sex ratio was appreciably different from normal, first place I'd look would be the environment; local industries (including farming). What contaminants are present? Contaminant being anything that doesn't belong. Nature is really really sensitive. A butterfly can smell another from miles away. We are, in comparison, the proverbial bulls in the china shop. We distort nature more and more...and the danger is: it will come apart on us.

It's like throwing random bits into very complicated logic. Sooner or later...crash. Sad part is: biosphere is already coming apart. Evidence...many places. We are overbreeding and destroying...what is most precious. I don't mean us. I mean all the beautiful, beautiful creatures...that live in balance. They take and give. Humans take...and what we give in return - to nature (that is any way beneficial to other species) - is beyond me.
You are male and of course you can say about females, but there are males that can break female heart as well.
Where we come from, it depends on what you believe, evolutionist or creationist.
stardaisy wrote: ratio

You inspired some research. Only as far as the lazy man's research: Wikipedia. But yow. Wild.

Sperm sorting. Ya wanna a buoy or a gull? Mid-1980s: Dr Glenn Spaulding used a flow cytometer to sort rabbit sperm. And we are so close to being rabbits.... It worked for us too.

Then they got their sort "two subpopulations enriched for X or Y sperm" patented. US Patent 5,021,244. Stamp that one solve. Ya wanna X or a Y baby, lady? (But again: no wishing involved.)

The patent involved discovery of haploid expression (sex-associated membrane proteins, or SAM proteins) - not to be confused with SAM missiles. But...development of monoclonal antibodies to those proteins means...some can be SAM'd...Sam. Then more methods were added...to sort X and Y. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories...YES...let's get a high-powered laser working on this. Or...sound. "Sperm were briefly sonicated to remove tails". YOW. Blow their asses off with power sound, why not. That's being cruel to them, I'd say.

I was a sperm, happily swimming, but now I'm just a blob, can't swim so good. What do they do, re-attach the tails once they've boomed them? Dunno.

Or...you can sort semen using fluorescent dye. X chromosome is bigger...it has more DNA...'cause women need their moods, yes? So the 'female' spermatozoa will absorb more dye than the male. So then it's hit with them a kind of phaser - UV light - during flow cytometry. The X spermatozoa fluoresce brighter than the Y spermatozoa. No surprise there. (Just imagine all the make-up some of their X chromosomes encode for. Males lack most of that genetic baggage.) Then you gotta electrify them. Charge them up, so the X sperm have a positive charge, and the Y a negative charge. I bet that doesn't feel very good to them. This is sounding more and more like auto mechanics. 1950's edition of Popular Mechanics: here's what baby-making is gonna be like in the 21st century.

Then they use electrostatic deflection to sort them. So a doc can say: ya wanna buoy or a gull? 'Cause I got both in these two tubes.
You are male and of course you can say about females, but there are males that can break female heart as well.
Where we come from, it depends on what you believe, evolutionist or creationist.

I was going to try and finish this but for some reason it wouldn't let me and I see Rod post quickly. that is ok....

Wild life in the balance? Not to long ago, B.C. were going to cull wolves because they were killing off the caribous.


stardaisy wrote:
Graham1 wrote: According to records I have found there are slightly more males than females born in recent years. I post link below
http://www.geoba.se/population.php?pc=w ... &year=2015

I don't know where stardaisy gets her figures from?

OH I see, it say year of 2015, but nothing mention of previous years.

If you look at the link it has been very similar for many years
tks G, dunno if I trust that site, similar years seems to be the same and not each year are the same. I would trust what I learn from the news media. Or if there are other sites that take statistic of Baby birth to compare it with.
I often wonder if some people put up website like that for show, when they do that, are they to be trusted? If there are other sites that will take the counting and is similar then I will go along with it.

If you look at the color chart, dark green and it goes lighter and lighter but don't coincide with the numbers. on chart below. Take your mouse and go over each country and it will tell you the ranking and it different for each country and even with the same shade of green, so how can it be trusted? Just curious.

In 1980 Canada and USA aren't even color in like the others and very few countries that are colored in, why is it that way, so this make me wonder if it true or trusted.
I agree that one website alone cannot necessarily be relied upon but if you do a general search, other sites give a similar result
Yes, I did that and here is one,


Now if you look at that chart and look at different year it mention. It different, but this one mention year 2011

I do realise that a man like to have his child to carry on a family name, in some case this isn't the case because this day and age lots of people are having sex for fun and the female ended up preganant, I know around here the case is usally more female born than male. The father of that child if it is a son, he will spend more time with that child, that of the father who has a daughter, but there are some father that will spend time with his daughter and that is far and few in between. That is my experience when I heard young mothers complaining about the father of that child.

But that is for each country, so is the number add up for a total ratio?

Anyways, I find this an interesting topic, something to learn and keeping the mind active :mrgreen:
stardaisy wrote: ...but there are males that can break female heart as well.

But...not as efficiently and expertly as women can break male hearts. If you can picture a Bruce Lee, with breasts. Hoo-ha!...kung fu-ing love. Chop suey-ing it, even. Before you know it...kitchen's a mess. A metaphor for...here comes yet another disorder. lol
Oh no! Not a Japanese martial arts disorder? What ever would judo about it? :lol:
Oh good one G :lol:
This is for Mort too :lol: