:lol: I want two,  in case one gets tired  :D
What do you want two of Morton? Chocolate?

Jaffa will you be retiring in that beautiful land someday? So relaxing I wish I was there. :D
what Gwynnie wants Jaffa to order, one made of chocolate would be even better  :D
Don't get greedy Mort, bebeth was only joking. You wanna play with us bebeth? :lol:
Ok OK plenty of both to go around for everyone..
Whittakers peanut slabs,,,num nums
and loads of toys boys on NZDating (just remember not to put an age limit down ) even bigger num nums   :lol:
Looks like just the three of us Jaffa. I don't think bebeth wants to play after all. Of course Scrummy will probs come if we pay his fare. He won't be wanting a toy boy I don't think, just lend him a bikini and he'll be fine.
I'll bring the booze :lol: