DSynchronicity wrote: I have found a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing, both male and female here. That seems to be the nature of these people, looking for vulnerable people to prey on or even just to feel superior. I know Graham tells everyone to beware and keep personal contact info to themselves. Graham is quite good at protecting the club members from predators when he is contacted with abuses and is sometimes just around the corner ready to pounce
I have been in the midst of lengthy silliness that made all our hearts smile. I have found some witty, decent, caring people who like to share the simple joys in life as well. This is also the nature of this site, people who are not afraid to reach out and really care. One member I know came in asking questions and was given very sound advice that saved his life. I have heard people that just needed a friend to help them hold on for one more day come back with gratitude and appreciation.
I hope the scammers don't scare any of you off. Just get as much info as you can and report it and look for the decent ones who will lift your hearts and spirits. It is worth it.

Hi DS, You helped me get through a difficult time, and I do appreciate it. Thank you for just being there in chat to talk to.
Mick1957 thank you. <3 You are one of those decent people I mentioned above. I always try to help others when I can. I have not seen you in chat for some time, so hopefully all is well with you and we can catch up soon. :)
Hi Everyone

I just joined today, and like several others had given up trying to find geniune people, until I accidentally, maybe desperately (lol) searched for chatrooms and found 50plus.

I am so heartened by your positive comments about this site. This is fantastic.

Covid, lockdowns, lockouts, masks, social distance rule, no travel and a whole pletheora of processes over the last 2 years has had the unhealthy consequences of disconnecting us from each other, especially those who live on their own.

I live near the city, which now has the unenviable reputation for the city that has endured lockdown for the longest period, in the world. Humm.... Not a reputation any place should aspire to.

So I am really looking forward to making friends, listening, contributing and chatting.