Your name is not koala.
Scrummy, in that statement you are right.
There you go "Lady", you made me laugh with your little blurb from "Laugh-In"; then you spoil it all by printing this rambling piece of jingling claptrap.

America along with Americans are no more exceptional than anybody else on this, (As Carl Sagan referred to it) "Little Blue Dot" hanging out there is the void of space.

TheLadyL wrote: I firmly disagree with your statement that most Americans believe that America is the world. I think you confuse that opinion with American's belief in American Exceptionalism. American Exceptionalism is the thought that the United States is qualitatively different from other nation states. This thought or ideology, Americanism, is based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republicanism,, populism and laissez-fair. This view stems from our emergence from a revolution, and being called by political scientist Seymour Lipset the first nation. This came can be traced to Alexis de Tocqueville, the first writter to describe the country as exceptional in 1831 and 1840.
"American marches to a different drummer. Its uniqueness is explained by any or all of a variety of reasons: history, size, geography, political institutions, and culture. Explanations of the growth of government in Europe are not expected to fit American experience, and visa versa. " This was stated by Scottish political scientist Richard Rose.
Remember people we where founded on the basis of religious freedom, and personal freedom. We didn't bow to the thought that birth determined your status.
One of the most important books I have read is The Law by Frederic Bastiat, written in the eighteen hundreds. He understood, the greatest single threat to liberty is government. Thus the founding of America. America would not be here if not for the fact that Europe lacked the ideal of personal freedom and believed that government determined each mans course.
Miss Information
And with that statement Candlefish you have enforced the view of the left, well done. Because what is ones claptrap is another 's freedom.
Miss Information
Apologies are in order to Koala for quoting off topic and my hogging up her space here, but I couldn't let this go.

LadyL, written or spoken, claptrap is just that my dear...claptrap. Any budding student of our noble tongue recognizes it, when they see it.

You're so indoctrinated with the Fox network's literal excrement, that you have forgotten how to speak your own mind; you pull out that "Left" word as often as you check on the gun you probably keep in your pantry drawer. Should you get chance to see my family crest, you will notice there is no "Bend Sinister" in sight. (Yeah! go and google what that means, then you can do as you usually do and pretend that you knew its meaning all along).

As for your freedom, are you hinting that as a Canadian, I am not free? I don't see or hear of too many illegals sneaking over your northern border. No Maam, we have a great place of our own, a political system that works so well, it puts yours to shame. Then in the off-chance that we should breed a crooked politician, we always have "Her Mag" as a final authority; talk about checks and balances, you should be so lucky.

You have to remember Lady, over 560 years before your beloved constitution, the Magna-Carta was written and signed at Runnymede in 1215 A.D. What were you guys doing around that time? Oh! That's weren't were you?
Interesting to note Candlefish, that I have been taken over by Fox and you have not been taken over by CNN. But "my dear" any person that has read Rules For Radicals reacts just as I expected you to react. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will allow your opinion, but you and yours will never allow mine. BTW, I too have read Rules For Radicals, frightening huh? But they saying holds true, know your enemy.
Miss Information

I am sorry to see your thread highjacked, maybe we can get it back again.......

I want to tell you to go after your dreams, while you are young.  I waited too late, I wouldn't be able to afford to move to another country now if I wanted to.  I don't know what it is like in Australia but there are so many wonderful countries and great men in them, just waiting for a beautiful lady like you.  

Hey, maybe you will meet one right on this forum that will sweep you off your feet and send a plane down under, to pick you up........ :D  
I agree with Jessy, follow your dreams girl, life is for living,hope you find what your looking for.x
Yaaaaaaaa Morton, I am so happy to see your face on posts again.  I miss you g/f.

Thank you for encouraging Koala.  I hope she finds a nice American guy on here and we will give her a big party, yes? :lol:  
Yay! Thank You Morton and Jessy!!!  :D
It would be nice to find a really nice man
As In the past I've had not much luck at all.
I know that I am too darn soft and that's where I'm taken
Advantage of all the time :(. Pretty unfortunate but true!
I am the type of person that gives and gives and gives and the men I have had seem to take and take and take and of course give nothing in return and the very minute you ask for something there  is a huge uproar and your the most selfish person alive!
I just can't win :(  
 They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, well, I think I should be swimming in a different Ocean!

You said:  "I know that I am too darn soft and that's where I'm taken" 

You are wrong here Koala.  You are NOT too darn soft.  It is he who is in the wrong.  It is he who is the wrong guy for you.  If he is the type that would "take" a woman, you wouldn't want him anyway.

Perhaps you are looking for the wrong type of man and maybe you should rethink what kind of man you would like.

You are a beautiful lady and very friendly, be patient, I have a feeling just the right one will show you his worth before you know it. 
Thanks Jessy for all your lovely comments about me :)
I have been married twice and both times been 'Railroaded'
(If you know what I mean), trod on like a door mat!   I often sit and wonder what the hell Im doing wrong?
I just try and do the right thing and either someone doesn't like it
Or they are jealous or what I don't know?
I've done the right thing in bringing up my three girls too as they
All turned out very successful and I am so proud of them, one is a Veterinary surgeon , one is a physcologist and the other a Skin and beauty therapist!

I just don't know what type of man to look for :( and I guess now I'm pretty scared
And put off to what I've had in the past.
Surely though there are still nice guys around somewhere?
I'm heading for 56 and with my girls all grown and their own homes etc
I'm ready to share lots of lovely time with someone that would be ever so nice, I think I deserve it now in my time of life whilst I still can. :)  

You are only 56, there are lots of available guys in your age group.  It will happen for you, I am sure.

I wish I was only 56 again and I am sure I would probably be married again very shortly. :lol:  

Yes Jessy there seem to be a lot of men around my age group here.
The only thing that I would hope is they don't get 'put off' because I'm from another country.
I don't know where else I'm going to meet my Dream American man other than online? :(
Don't forget to reach out hon, this is a two way street and some men are really shy.  Watch the new profiles and if you like to talk to someone, send him a smile, or a message.

Look through profiles.  Even if they are not very recent, look anyway.   Don't let it hurt your feelings if someone "refuses" your friendship.  It happens.  Everyone can't like us.  I have had a few refusals, a few "telling me off", a few ignores...... :lol:  It's all in the package and we don't let it affect us personally.

The very first man I communicated with on this forum, told me he liked me and immediately I sent him my email address, hahaha.  He sent me his picture and he was so handsome.  I was in love already....... :lol: , but he refused my friendship request for some reason and I "cried".  I was so sensitive when I was new. :wink: