If feathers Were Songs

If feathers were songs from the Spirit of our ancestors,

The heart would be moved to give one at each turn of life.

And the headdress would be worn by those who saw the vision

Of a day when all alive would be joined in celebration of completeness and union.

The drums of ancient ones would beat to sound the event,

And dance would begin to announce the coming of a time,

And the feathers that were songs would be heard

By the Spirit that dwells in the hearts of all that can see and feel.


I wrote this in 1996 when I was working in the native community and I could see so many things that touched my heart and soul. I dedicate this today to the people who stand for their right in Dakota. I cannot be there to stand with you but I am with you brothers and sisters in spirit.
right on fern! the Great Spirit!I like to call it Life also,the idea being...everything comes from Life...the Great Spirit,the Source...with mind,soul and body :mrgreen:
Hi Fern, I always appreciate those who have an infinity for Native Americans and no I am not Native American, I am as gringo as they come. However, here in Central California Native Americans have a strong connection the community.