We are about to have our first gay leader of a party,
Maybe he will be our leader, some of the religious brainwashed
want him crucified upside down, Do as we say, but not as we do.
Totally agree with you Guest, people here are ignorant, they can't learn from past mistakes. all this crap of being democrat, republican, conservative or liberal has taken America down the path the Romans took.
In the past, politicians use to hold public rallies to pitch their idea's, now they hold dinner parties and charge admission to get in. only way to hear the idea's is watching the news.
Everybody complains and I ask, Why do you vote??.. they say they make their voices heard, but who is actually listening to you??. I heard people say they didn't like who they chosed for their party so they will go vote for the opposite.
I had a guy say the reason he votes, He can go to prison if he didn't vote, it was a law you had to vote no matter what.