Hi to all who find themselves here with optimism for another year. I have only dabbled in online dating occasionally over the years and then chicken out. It is refreshing to see the variety of brave souls out there who are reaching out. I think for most of us, when we took our wedding vows believing that it was forevermore, we have since learned that forever has no form on this earth. We dont think or die in unison and I suppose that is why we are alone a good part of the time. But to be lonely is not healthy and even though we have full lives with loved ones and friends, there is nothing that compares to true intimacy and sharing. By the time any of us are over 50 and on such a site as this, we have experienced significant loss relationship wise. My hope is to keep growing, keep hoping and keep believing in love. Wishing all the best to like minded souls who are cheerfullly embarked on a healing journey and who do not give up. I know of love stories that happen at every age and every stage of life and those individuals say that it feels no different, no matter what your age. All the best and Happy New Year.
Couldn't agree with you more, newsong. Great insight.
:wink: Absolutely beautifully put, Newsong! :)