Thank you everyone for a lovely evening last night! Those with photographs/videos – ransoms can be negotiated at the next meet. :evil: Safe journey home to all of you and see you all in chat later.
Cliath, thanks for all the arranging, also Graham for making sure everyone was united with the group.
I certainly had a ball and looking forward to the next one, as a newbie I did not now what to expect,I got a great welcome and thanks again to all that participated.
Regards Jose968 :lol: :)  
Just wanted to add my tuppence worth, thanks sooo much Cliath for a fabulous weekend, all the arranging you did for us to make it a BRILL, not to mention madhatter, fun time! Everyone that went was the salt of the earth, l couldnt have asked for better company, also to G, or bogman (haha!) for being so welcoming and introducing each to oneanother. The hotel,staff and food  was top standard.lm really looking foreward to the next one, cheers
I would like to thank Cliath publicly too for all her time and efforts to get this meeting arranged. It was my first visit to Ireland and I could not have wished for better company and location. There was a real warmth of friendship within the group and it's a weekend I will always remember with affection. The hotel and meal were great but I think the bonding of the group was far more important to me. I would really like to thank Jane too for her local tour and I was in awe of her enthusiasm for the techniques of the Irish "bog folk"!!! I speak to lots of people online but I now feel I have made some "real" friends who I hope will continue to be. Graham :D
Hi Cliath your a Gem !!! Joanne, Anchor, Josse, Sliver, the lovely Steff..& I know Im leaving someone out !!! Ah yeah!!! "The Bogman of Dangan"...The wonderful Graham....Ouch!!! the Halo must be hurting him !!!!..But now !! Seriously a big thank you for a wonderful night !! It was great fun with a lovely bunch of wonderful people !! I cant wait for the next one...So once again a big Thank you for your lovely Company...x.x.x.x.x.Jane....
 Thank you for so much for arranging the meet, I had a great night it was such fun.
I could not have picked a nicer friendlier bunch of people, who i now consider my friends.
Looking forward to the next one.

 Hugs and kisses to Cliath, Graham, Jane, Jose, Anchor and Sliver. 
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I’m sorry that I missed the “Bog Trip” (lol) as Steffi had booked (and paid) me in for a head massage and hair do – to relax me (further) for the big event! What a beautiful daughter and lovely new friends I have.

Now re the photographs - what I want to do is have all ye lads who took photos send them to me - then I will - when I have received them all - send them out to all who attended. (Please message me with an offsite email address). That way - one person is central - and there will be no need for multiple sends.

People can then decide if they like one enough to post to the site, and I request that if it’s a group picture that you get the consent of the other people in it. I just feel it’s a nice way to finish off the meet - and a responsible one too :)
Missing the Bog Trip could be the biggest regret of your life! lol. I couldn't have expected this unique experience on my first visit to Ireland as it seems so specialised for the uninitiated! I told Jane that I would always think of her when I visited a bog! lol

Ill send you copies of the best of my pics Cliath. G x
I,m having more than my share of problems typing a reply ,..must be the Smithwick,s re-actinggg! :P
I,ve resized my files of the images I have taken and still my laptop won,t upload them. I,ll have to bring it into O2 in the morning and get the service sorted out.
Yes,.I was happy enough with events and the company too. Looking forward to the next one where-everr!! I hope to have my images sent to you as soon as this machine revvs-UPPCliath!! See you later in the room.

Donal xxooo
Hi Cliath Joanna tells me theres a meetup in dublin on the 12th may i would be more
than interested in going if i you could let me know more about it Trisha : :D
Sallyann085 wrote: Hi Cliath Joanna tells me theres a meetup in dublin on the 12th may i would be more
than interested in going if i you could let me know more about it Trisha : :D

Hiya Sallyann,

I've posted details to both the Dublin Group Forum, and here in the main Forum. (The heading is ~ May 12th 2012 - Dublin City Centre) Here is the direct link: ... 45873.html

I do hope you decide to come! Please email me so that i can include you when booking!