For those who are not staying over and wish to attend the meal, I will need final numbers for the hotel as soon as possible. Can you please contact me by the weekend please?

Only 9 more sleeps left to our Meet.
Hi Cliath,  I would like to attend the meal,wont be staying over but if anyone needs a lift , I am travelling from Dublin to Newbridge on Friday evening and on to Tullamore, whatever night the meal is on. Probably Saturday.I can accomodate up to 3 in the car and if anyone needs accomodation (Newbridge) there is no problem. I have 3 spare rooms.. Sorry I could not offer earlier.Anyone coming in from the Airport there is a 24 hr Dublin Coach for €10euro to Newbridge, I can bring them from there to Tullamore,Rgds Jose968
Hi there Jose968. Thank you for your kind offer for a lift and accommodation. I think most are fixed up at the moment but if not – I’m sure they will be in touch. The group will be meeting in the hotel bar/lounge at 7pm with the meal starting at 8pm. Great to have you onboard! I will email you from the site with my mobile number.
Sadly a member of the group has taken ill and will not be able to attend on Saturday night - and they will be sorely missed. What this means is that there is a twin room available in the Hotel for the Saturday night. If you are interested - please leave me a message and I can give you details.
Hi all, just noticed that you have a meet up away. Hope to join your next one. Have a great time. Deirdre. :)
Isa and Tzar will not make the meet this time. Isa is in hospital since Tuesday night with a suspected Angina attack. As of 10:30pm today, she has had some tests and will know more tomorrow. She sends her regrets to all attending.

I will organise some flowers to be sent to her from the group – as I’m sure you all wish her a speedy recovery.

We will also toast to your health at the dinner Isa :D
Text received from Isa this morn:

"Thanks so much for the flowers and chocs. It was most kind of you all and deeply appreciated"
Thats great Cliath. Its a pity Tullamore is not a little nearer to Sligo as we could have possibly paid her a visit!
I am at the hotel now. It is really beautiful and posh – though our room could be a bit bigger. There are no fridges in the room - and I’m using the 3 bottles of chilled wine to keep the Chicken, Ham and Flora cool!

if any of you coming down on the Friday have any of those blue plastic yokies that you stick in the freezer before you put it in a cooler – could you bring me one please?
Graham1 wrote: Thats great Cliath. Its a pity Tullamore is not a little nearer to Sligo as we could have possibly paid her a visit!

Interesting 'glitch' Graham, my status keeps popping up that I am looking forward to the Ireland meet. I certainly did not put that in there, as obviously it's pretty immaterial to me. How does somebody change my home page, like that?
I would like to thank you all so much for your kindness to me while I was in hospital.   I got out this afternoon, but will have to go back for further investigations, but am feeling much better.  

Hope you all have a wonderful time and do not do anything I would not do in Tullamore, that will leave you all with lots of scope and have a few for me.......!!!    

Look forward to catching you all in chat soon......ISA  x 
Hi Isa,
 Glad to hear you`re feeling better.
 I`m heading down to the meet tomorrow, will miss you not being there but we`ll have a drink for you,      or two maybe. lol.
 Take care.   Joanna 
Thats odd Dria! I put that in my profile but cant see how it could have any effect on yours!
Great to hear from you Isa! Gald to hera youre back home and we will be sure to toast your good health at the meal.
You will be missed though and I will feel deprived of a hug!

Graham x
hiya Isa - so good to see you back :) We shall miiss both yourself and Tzar later on tonight! I'm sure your ears will burn as we toast and wish you speedy recovery :) Talk to you soon :)