I went out for a gathering in Centre Island in Toronto yesterday.
I saw a girl in 20s was walking off the ferry in Bikini. I was thinking that she might have wet her clothing so she wore like that or she just acted as a young modern girl likes to what she wants. I didn't mind at all.
But when the crown went close to the street, I saw a boy was waiting the girl at the door with smoking.
When he saw the girl, he grabbed his bag and walked with her in a little distance. It is obvious that they are in a unhappy mood. Of course, I don't know what happened to them and I also don't know who caused the unhappiness.

When I saw the girl walked out to the street with the boy, the big contrast from two of them made me thinking what if the girl went to the ferry terminal to change her clothing?? Honestly speaking, Her Bikini really stimulated my eyes in a uncomfortable way. I don't know what would the boy mind about her wearing, but I think people should have a proper dress code when they go dating. It doesn't need to be formal but proper. It is relate to respect. May be I am too old-fashioned or I don't know the culture.
I agree with you about a dress code up to a point. Yes, we can be very informal and wear casual clothes these days if we want, but a bikini seems to be a bit too casual for me in the city. At a resort, cottage or camping, it is acceptable. Of course, as you write, we do not know what happened and why she only had a bikini.

I think dressing appropriately for the occasion is a sign of respect not only for the other person or people, but also for myself.

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From your picture I can see that you are a elegant lady.
graceful posture with ethereal temperament, very lovely. :wink:
I shake hands with you, Roamingcloud. :-) You look very elegant.