Pick out a nice roast 3 to 5 pounds not a lot of fat.Mix 50/50 salt garlic powder and cake and rub in well over entire roast and bake at 375 until you have a nice dark crust remove and let cool to the touch.Slice this as thin as possible but don't have to be perfect and place meat juice in a crock pot and slow cook 4 to 6 hours once meat is ready step two.

Next one loaf of long Italian bread split in half and bottom side be careful but hollow it out so you kinda have a bowl save the bread you take out to make home made croutons.Butter both and place in oven until it just starts to toast then remove.Mix 50/50 pizza sauce spaghetti sauce you pick your fav brand.Butter both top and bottom with a fair amount then bottom side place swiss and provolone cheese slice's top this off with sauteed mushrooms green peppers and onions.then cover this with the roast beef cover that with shredded mozzarella place the top of the bread on this and bake at 350 until cheese is oozing from out the side.

step three sit back watch the super bowl with your stuffed mushrooms buffalo wings and your man sized sandwich...
Garlic powder and Cake? ok do you mean garlic cake?
sorry for this misunderstanding meant cake the garlic powder salt mix heavy on the roast