I don’t need people judging me
From little snippets that they see
From things I say when I’m in chat
This means this and that means that

When will people understand
When they say things underhand
That it effects me just like you
I have pride and feelings too

I just like to have some fun
I laugh I joke and yes I pun
If you like to do this too
Join right in I’ll laugh with you

The ladies I do like to tease
Some of them are hard to please
They don’t like my kind of wit
I wonder if they think I’m sh**

Tolerance? This might be the key
For harmony twixt you and me
So show me some and I will too
We may be friends when this is through

If this can’t happen in the end
If you can’t budge if you can’t bend
If you can’t be polite in talk
Then may I suggest you take a walk
:lol:  I absolutely love it, well done, it made me laugh.  :D
ty Morton x :D
Perfect as usual.  :wink:
Hey Drifter, I like that. Besides being well written there is an obvious meaning we all could learn from. Excellent. Cookin' chicken, so that's it for now.. :D
Hi drifter, lovely poem and well done.
I like it Drifter, very apt, amusing and apropos... straight A's for you.
thank you all for your kind comments x
telling it like it is..cheers