Yes, dating now is so differant then when we were young. I still believe n love. I do not want to spend the rest of my life alone. I go out abd meet people, but just not the one I want to be with 24/7. Im not giving up. I just look farther away. Hes out there some whete. I just have to find him. :)
I'm taking a twist on expressing my availability. Physically my features have been enhanced to reflect a woman who was once younger looking but have aged in time like a fine wine  :)
I view things differently but it's because maturity is on my side and wisdom is my teacher. I have more to offer now in the form of strength, courage, wisdom, determination, experiences, challenges, patience, sympathy, empathy, pleasure, fulfillment, confidence, spirituality, etc. Ok, you caught on, we're fabulous :) and we have so much to offer.
So why am I still available, because my compatible partner hasn't figured out I'm waiting for him to make his move.  However in the meantime, I'll keep enjoying what is before me.
 The OP asked some very profound questions...which seem to require too much thought. *grins* I think we all, get too smart, wise, & self aware in our grand old ages. So, I'm just going to cop-out in not responding to DEEP & MEANINGFUL issues but, just add, that I consider myself, only as a WIP [Work-In-Progress]. I really don't know what's going to happen & that's kind of OK by me :D