One of my IT buddies told me about this scam, and I thought I would pass it along. It goes like this: You meet someone in a chat room and nothing seems out of the ordinary, you chit chat and eventually you feel a connection, because this person has been focusing on you, as they have gained more and more information about your likes, interests, and how you think about yourself. You have made a new friend. Soon they'll want to add you to other social media, which can give them even more information, not just about you, but your friends and family, your posts what you have 'liked' it's more ammunition. At some point they will suggest talking on the phone, and if you give them your number, they will call. Here is where the scam takes a final step. They tell you for some strange reason, their phone won't access your area code, so could you phone them, and in this day and age of basically free calling, you say yes. You dial their number, however it is immediately forwarded to a 1-900 number, which in North America is a pay by the minute call. They will keep you on the phone talking as long as they can, and at $10. or more a minute, it adds up very quickly. If they can manage to have you continue calling over the next couple of weeks, your phone bill is going to be huge and your phone service provider has no sympathy, the calls were made and you're on the hook. Chances are your 7:30 p.m. call is not the only one they're expecting that night, by the end of the month they've disappeared from sight, however, they may have wracked up tens of thousands of dollars, just because they can talk a sweet line. Ladies and gentlemen, beware.
Thank you very much Apple for the warning and I am really very careful with these kinds of scammers but this is a new way to scam people thank you very much again and have a nice time
Thanks for the warning, Applemac.

When I'm wearing my rose-colored glasses - which is most of the time - I find myself wishing we could all go back to the lost art of letter writing, instead of communicating by finger-punching digits.

Heard a fella talking yesterday. Back in the early 70s he went to Europe for a three-month missionary trip. Somehow, his fiance back here in the States used his itinerary and was able to scheme out just where he'd be overseas, and when. Each hotel or host's home always had a letter waiting for him; he said that regardless of who was standing close, when he was handed the letter he'd hunker down where he stood, open the letter, and read each and every line she'd written. He did say, though, that he'd wait until evening when he was alone to take in and savor the scent of the perfume with which she'd sprinkled his letter. Sweet stuff.

He still has all the letters. I"m all-in for a return to those days. If only. :)
Strange in a way, how fiance and finance are so close
tazwriter wrote: Strange in a way, how fiance and finance are so close

Lol, Taz. Yes indeed.

They both sorta rhyme with "prenuptial." :)
Thanks for the info Apple it is an important piece of information as unfortunately Scammers are getting smarter and more creative and scams are getting more complex. :roll: one has to beware. :o
Yes Pearl , you are absolutely right about that
Have a nice time
Something I forgot to mention, he/she will also try and get you to say something extremely embarrassing about yourself or engage in a conversation you definitely do not want your friends or family to know about. Remember they also have your other social media contacts. This is insurance against you reporting what has happened, basically blackmail. The individual is counting on you to be so embarrassed that you simply pay the charges and disappear, leaving them to continue.
Thank you again Apple , and this is also a good point that we must take care of when we chat with others, keep what you feel or know about others inside yourself and never mention it to anyone
I have been on different app's and the internet is plagued with scammers.
They love to take you away to another app like hangout, What'sapp, akype you name it, so they can woo you away from friends and fall in love with you in 2 days. Yeah! Right. I must be brain dead.
My advice is to seek out information and the ploys they try to get yopur MONEY. It always boils down to MONEY.....
Educate yourselves, there is billions of scams out there.
At my work,, we have required things to read. Today it was "how to spot a scammer". If you hover over the email addy and the link they want you to go to,, if it is different, it is a scam....If they say it is "urgent" that you click on a site that has nothing to do with anything,, it is a scam. If they say that they are a friend of a co-worker or friend and do not give specifics,,scam...........If they cc'd others,, if the names are not familiar,, scam.... lots more to beware of...........................
Thank you very much Applemac. It is a devious scheme.

Because I am a nice guy and care for all my friend(s)(?) on this site, I am going to share with you(the plural YOU I hope) a guaranteed firewall technology which selectively destroys the 'impedance matching' vital to sustaining any telephone call which uses any physical line for any portion of its journey from calling girl/calling guy to called girl/called guy.

This technology works much the same as a telephone pole on a narrow sidewalk destroys the hand holding connection when you are out walking on a date. You gotta let go off each other hands or walk into the pole.

Give me a call at 1-900-TPuskás cause I am still working on an old switchboard.
Irregular charges may apply!
"Social Media" is a Scam. Should be easy to see that.
tazwriter wrote: "Social Media" is a Scam. Should be easy to see that.

Of course it is but we can limit how much we can be scammed by how we use it! :lol:
People walk in to traffic, off cliffs, into walls, buildings, wreck cars, ect.
Don't see alot of control there. lol. But good one G1. Hope all well w/you Bro.