We all know Turkey day and Christmas has already snuck up on us all.Every year we lay out the the cheese and cracker dish the munchies platter to get us threw until the main course.I'm really sorry for all my Sea Food Hatters but I love Sea Food LOL.OK two dishes both shrimp but if you like sea food well you like shrimp.

First one P&D Shrimp cooked and ready like for a shrimp cocktail.You can get this fresh or frozen fresh always better and usually it isn't to expensive.Simply chop it up pretty fine so when your done your looking for a tuna fish sandwich kinda thing.Now you have to use Helmans Mayo or a brand that is close NO mayonnaise has to be mayo.Then just add Old-bay's season to taste remember its a strong season add a little at a time get the flavor you like and find a sort of fancy bowl to fill it up set in frig and let cool at least two to three hours.Now shake it out like a jello mold and arrange your choice of crackers around it it really is simple but very good.
Second one just as simple well does require a little work.Same thing shrimp same way NOW Dice up a mild onion very fine dice.Romano tomatoes seeded and dice as fine as you can as well but not make it mushy this isn't a movie with your best girl its cooking ha ha.fold all that together gently now a good hand full or so of Cilantro chopped very fine get REAL lemons ok kids lemon juice does not come from a plastic one in the shape of one.Usually 2 to 3 lemons needed squeeze over mixture and gently fold one again.then same thing your choice of crackers.Depending on the amount of people you have coming this is based off of two pounds of shrimp for eight.I didn't do good in school so you do the Math to adjust :lol: