I an new here and just finding my way around. When I read free spirit's post from December, it felt as if she were talking about me. Most of the widowers I have met via the grieving process find, as do I, that moving on is easier said than done. Even though we know we should be moving on and share a common need for companionship, we all struggle with the same issue. Just how does one go about meeting others? Any advice in this regard would be appreciated. Sincerely,

HI CountryGent4U. Sorry for your lost. Many of us are widows. Living with the loss, fear, anxiety, etc.... I know it because I was there too, and still there somewhere even after 3 years. We want what we lost, but it is impossible. It takes time to smile again, a lot of times. Right, moving is easier said than done, and few people can understand it. Time heals... but it takes time. At first time, we do not want to love again, we think we will not be able to love again.... It is normal because we now know how it hurts to lost someone. What will happen if I fall in love and lost again.... It is scary... You have to follow your heart, and you will know when you will be ready to meet again.... Dating again is really not easy.... Meeting again is scary.... Who will love me again and accept me as I am... This is a big question ... I do one step at the time... I can't go faster.... Who will be able to be patient to find the key to enter into our heart... Making friends is a good idea for a beginning... And who knows.... Take care xx