hey folks,

there is a chance that many folks out there have experienced learning how to live alone again in their lives.

i don't mean learning about doing the dishes, but regarding how to reflect on life alone, as it is so different from, for example, my previous life as a busy dad and husband. 

i also don't mean, "hey well you have to find new social activities" either.

its more about how to reflect on a way to be comfortable and happy in the solitude. that comes easier for some than others.

i'll appreciate any and all of your thoughts, quotes, and chat on this topic.

I believe its all about being comfortable in one's own skin. To live with your own thoughts, to reflect without being distracted. To look deep, within, and fully "see" yourself.
I think, to be content "alone" is one of the hardest things to do, but also the simplest and most rewarding.
First, in our thoughts we must accept both our accomplishments and failures. Its like a "Come to Jesus " moment with one's self. We accept we are not perfect. Accept we have had failures. Accept we cannot change things in the past. Bottom line we forgive our shortcoming. And (this is the biggie) then we learn to love, with understanding, and compassion our own selves.
Then start doing those things that you have put off because of other obligations. I read, write, research, sing, dance........and its just me. I do whatever I want, No time frames.
I now found my life is rich. I would never replace the time I spent with my hubby or raising my kids, or on my career. My goals have just shifted, taken another path. I am content to be in my own company as well as with family and friends. Each one of us must finds the formula that works. But the key to that formula is love and acceptance of who and what we are.
One cannot make anyone else happy unless they are happy with themselves.
I would like to add something else please. I have always had dogs and they gave gotten me through alot of difficult times. If you do not have any type of pet(s) perhaps you could volunteer at an animal shelter a few hours a week ? Or even a homeless or refuge shelter for people who are less fortunate than we are ? I know it is sad to observe, but they will smile when you help them in someway, and in turn, hopefully it will bring a smile to you. That's all.
I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin. I do have to say, It does make me happy to come to this site and chat with my friends. Since I've been here a while, they are no longer chat buddies, THEY HAVE BECOME MY FRIENDS.
I have had a lot of chat friends over the years that I care very deeply for.  
But there is nothing like the real thing ....... feeling someone's arms around you, talking face to face, laughing together, waking up curled up in someone's arms.  
I am in the same boat since my husband passed away 2 years ago. Have my daughters, one still living with me, but have to find myself again without him in my life. I love my job and newfound "freedom", but the spark I once had, is gone. Any ideas for me as well?
I love companionship but some years back I learned I am ok alone. It does not come easy, especially if you are not totally happy with yourself. So many factors affect our happiness. But....what is your definition of happiness? If you say being with the one you love...Big X. You cannot be happy with anyone if you are an unhappy depressed person. You have to be ok with yourself before you can be someone's person. It is ok to be depressed but not all the time. Any time you go through a life change imho, you will grieve. That is a stage of depression. Any time you are unable to get yourself out of depression....I think you need help..counseling, etc. 

To face being alone....I think you need to make something of that alone time. I enjoy cooking. I find prepping and cooking therapeutic. I dance and/or listen to digital books while cooking. Be productive in your home...accomplish something to be proud of...the process and the accomplishment are great fillers and nice results. Learn to be ok dining alone or going to the movies.

Hope you find what you need to be ok by yourself and hope when you least expect it, someone you can share your life with.  
I found a local tour company that offers daily and long-term bus trips. I have the option of both sitting with someone during the trip or not depending on my mood. At lunch you sit at a table with new people a lot of the time. When you get to your destination again you usually have the option of being with another person or people or going off on your own. So it offers the best of both worlds.