What should you do when you love a "friend" but you know he is only using you?  I know he will never love me, not the way I want him to, but I love him anyway.  However, I know he is only using me because he wants a place to live and I am allowing him to live in my other house and I still pay the bills.  I know, its sounds stupid.  So what do I do???
There are many kinds of love including the love of a friend but I think a true friend would never use another in the way you appear to be used. He should feel an obligation to at least pay his share. He is taking advantage of your love and generosity, but it is your choice whether you should allow this to continue as the only way you could stop it is to be completely honest about how you feel about the arrangement. I don't believe any relationship, whether friendship or love, can have any value unless you are both honest with each other.
Loving a friend and losing yourself, that is what happens when situations like this crop up in our lives somewhere along the way we lose ourselves or get separated from our trueselves. In normal circumstances we would not allow others to take advantage of us like that but when we put "Love" in the mix we forget to think we get led by our Hearts and we dont take any notice of what our common sense is telling us. And in a way Shirletevel you are answering your own questions when you said "but you know he is only using you", is what you are doing working for you? do you feel at peace doing what you are doing? Answer those questions for yourself and act on the answers you get when you sit on your own and allow the truth to be present. I wish you everything you wish for yourself and I HOPE that life shows you the way to allow you to see how worthy you are of all the good that you so deserve.

Love and Light my Friend
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