When someone starts using them more and more until they can’t control themselves that person changes completely. They might also develop signs and symptoms of BPD that are really hard to treat. If you don’t know what BPD is you can check https://fherehab.com/pd/signs-of-bpd/. I think we should cut the uses of it and not only, pills and antibiotics are included in this list too because they have the same effect on our self too.
Well as the saying goes... "everything in moderation including moderation"
Yes there are people who will take anything "too far" (in other's eyes) possibly to their detriment however that is their decision to do so and without agreement or disagreement, I accept and support their right to do so... it is not up to any individual or group to tell another what they can or can not put into their physical body... nor does it work as per Nancy's campaign of "just say no" or prohibition or any other effort of this nature. As searching 57 said "live and let live, invest in true knowledge".
Just because one's experience affected that one in a less than desirable sense does not mean it should be outlawed... I fully support you if you make a decision to have an experience however cannot support you or anyone else in telling others in what they should or shouldn't do. It's not your or anyone else's place to control like that. Very recently (3 weeks ago) a friend who has never smoked cigs, rarely drinks, has two degrees and a multitude of mental, stress, physical issues tried vaping cannabis (2 "tokes") for the first time... her response to the experience was "wow, I felt so calm, my mind slowed, I wasn't so keyed up and frantic, the tension in my shoulders and neck went away immediately". So with knowledge, "set and setting"... it isn't the "devil's herb" as advertised in the 60's and 70's... not everything that "they" have told us is to be believed...

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
A quote from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare
Marijuana is illegal in the UK although it can be prescribed for medical reasons for certain serious conditions. I am happy with this level of control, and these are our National Health Service's reasons https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-bo ... the-facts/
I was watching this video on travel in India and this young guy got out of his car and went to the ditch and found a pot plant growing naturally. He rolled the plant up and got the oil residue sticking to the palm of his hand. He scrapped it off his into a rolled like cigarette and smoked it. I mean if the stuff grows naturally, maybe there's a purpose for it ? Anything can be overindulged with. It's now becoming increasingly legalized in North America and sold in stores. Now the government can tax it there.
Bob2904, I feel the same way about mushrooms... they just pop up out if the ground! And don't need to be constructed in a lab. There's been some amazing research into the very helpful health benefits, other than just making one grin a lot...
Years ago, When the Drug people took my few plants,

I Nearly went mental.