It’s tantalising to be able to send a smile to someone you find attractive knowing that the smile has been received because a smile was returned, but it is so frustrating that you can’t exchange even a single message unless you’re a ‘Premium Member’ :(

Furthermore the restricted messages that you’re able to respond with as a non-premium member are so brusque they’re almost rude. Surely they could add a further message such as “Thank you for returning my smile I would really like to get to know you but I’m not a Premium Member so am unable to” :D
Hi Zane and welcome to 50Pus Club.  Don't give up on us yet.  Some of us are working and not able to be on here regularly to check out all the new members.

I am very happy to meet you.  When I get a smile from someone, I usually send them back a nice message thanking them.  I have corresponded with others from different countries like yourself, being from UK.

If I can make a suggestion, try "chat" bottom right hand corner.  There are some lovely chatters here and they are very friendly.  Make yourself known in there, and on the forums as well.  I watch for all new posts on the forums and try to respond.  If you get "known", you will surely get more mail and interest from other members......and the only way I know how to get known is by chat and posting like you have done here.
I don't know exactly what you are entitled to do as a basic member.  I have forgotten.  You get 5 freebies a day.  Do they not include a message to someone you would like to talk to?   

You don't need to be a prem member to chat in the chat room, give it a whirl :D
the chat room is definitely the way to meet new people....zoejo :D
Most, if not all, dating sites are in it for the money. Having said that, they offer some free services so you can check them out and decide if you want to spend a few dollars to be able to fully use the site and all it's features. Large sites,, eharmony and others do the same can join and poke around but in order to contact other members and such...well, if you want to play, you gotta pay.

I'm personally not here for dating..I just like to meet new people, help others, write my Fish-Bytes column and and enjoy the chat. Chat is free for all members, paid or not. The forum is restricted to 5 posts a day for non-paid members And when you need help, we've got a great community here and you'll always get a quick response.

One of the things I enjoy most is the lack of people trolling and the lack of drama. Sure, there's always a bit of that stuff going on...but it's well monitored and folks here are "well-behaved" in we're all adults here.

So, is it worth the money for a premium membership?

Hell yeah! Just food for thought... Either way, great to have you here :)

I guess it depends on what you think is worth your while? There are some good dating sites and some that are not so good, so I believe it upon one's wishes to do what they want to do, pay or don't pay, they soon learn to deal with what they want in their life :D

As the saying goes,... what you don't know won't hurt you :wink:
DaddyFish wrote: I'm personally not here for dating..

What???? Argggggh %#%$$^, how dare he lead me on!!!

I recently received a smile from someone and rather than sending a smile back, I sent a short message. I think this is the key!  We have to respond with a message in order than basic members like the OP here, can reply.  Is that correct Graham?

Then we can continue on the conversation each day up to 5 per day.

I hope I am understanding it correctly, I have always been a bit confused on this issue.

Up to a point you are right Jessy but basic members can message premium members even if they do not have a message to reply to. The 5 per day still applies.
That is what I thought Graham, but look at what the opening poster on this thread is saying.  He doesn't seem to be able to do that..... :D
DaddyFish wrote: ...Large sites,, eharmony and others do the same can join and poke around but in order to contact other members and such...well, if you want to play, you gotta pay. ...


Hi DaddyFish,

My objectives are a bit narrow. I’ve yet to find a website that caters to widows and widowers that is trustworthy. (I have a topic on the Lounge regarding this.)

So far it seems no website will cater to widows and widowers. Either I’ve not looked thoroughly enough or it’s too narrow a category., in particular, provides no way to exclude all but widows, in my case. Nor does 50plus-Club. You would think some law was passed to make it illegal because it is discriminatory. From the plastic bag ban, to the continuing rip-off of public sector employees of the taxpaying public, to molesting of passengers at airports of 80-90 yo women, obviously not a threat. to the smoking laws and to the recent attempted ban of sugared soft drinks in NYC, we are being taken over by the control freaks to expand their powers over us. And that’s just for starters.

As per your statement, “...Large sites,, eharmony and others do the same can join and poke around but in order to contact other members and such...” is quite expensive. for just a 3 month subscription. It’s $28 PER MONTH. I did see a “special” rate for 1 month that is $45. I regard these charges as far too high for a “test ride”. Further, I’m not sure what the fine print says when it comes to ending a 3 month, or any other subscription time span. They have your credit card number and I don’t like to have to hassle a vendor about ending my subscription at the end of 3 months if they re-subscribe me automatically and I missed a notice that I want my subscription to end. Notice under’s list of subscription periods it states the following, in fine print and off to the side:

Billing—Continuous Service

All subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled.

Imagine how that would take you down a piece for the 1 month offer for succeeding months.

I consider all of this to be a creature of the Internet, where everything, including money itself, creates an illusion to take “money” out of your pocket and put it in somebody else’s.

It used to be that in order to get customers, for any type of Internet service or software, a free totally functional service was provided. The service would expire and there was nothing the customer needed to do to make sure they were not billed for continuing service. It was all built into the account. In my view they are becoming greedy, because the numbers tell them it pays to do so and they can get away with it. This practice is as old as any new program or policy and needs to be watched closely for rule changes, which often are not fully disclosed in a blaring headline.

So the old saying applies here, “Caveat emptor” (Let the buyer beware). This has been a more important consideration as time goes on and these Internet companies attempt what I consider deceit to expand their profit margins. (“What? You didn’t read the fine print? It’s all there! We told you when you signed up. It’s right down there at the bottom of the page (in 6 pt type hidden amongst some other provisos in regular 10 pt type.) How this passes muster with the legal authorities only demonstrates the descent into corruption at most any level of modern society you can think of.
stardaisy wrote: You don't need to be a prem member to chat in the chat room, give it a whirl :D

I have found the chat room a life line to me, especially if I am feeling low. As we are all anonimous nobody can see my tears as I try very hard to live up to my name :D :D :D
Wow, Kent! Did you have any ink left after typing all that? LOL :lol:
Actually it isn’t ink but time that matters. When I took typing in high school the girl sitting beside me typed at well over 100 wpm. At that time we all used the IBM Selectric typewriters that used an articulating ball with the characters on it. She was very intimidating as far as her typing skills when we took a typing test. Sometimes when I heard the blur of her fingers tapping on the keyboard I would freeze up momentarily listening to her. I was lucky to get a maximum of 80 wpm. She was beautiful also, so that distraction also slowed me down.

PS. How do you get the smilly thingees to work? Or do you need to be a subscriber for that, too? Jeez!