aHEM these random o and lower case letters are not my idea. Anyone interested in the idea of personality analysis? I'm not promoting the indiscriminate use of these systems, but I think there are some interesting talking points. I'm an ENFP, ENNEAGRAM 7 WING 8, SX. wOOHOO! (possibly)
infp, 4w5 here!
Hello Mettamaven

I.M.O. the NF types have some basic things in common, which makes for good conversation and easy companionship. What I find particularly interesting about these personality analyses are the indications of weaknesses and vulnerabilities...though personal growth has been a goal for some time, I can still recognize myself in the less flattering descriptions of my type. I have always been weirdly intuitive, but now require more solitude. I've fallen hard for a couple of INFP men, but terrified and overwhelmed the poor little things.

How are you finding this dating site? I'm finding it hopeless. Oh well, off to my beddie and Simon Schama's Landscape and Memory.
Hey Mettamaven,

Just read your profile...you are SO interesting!!! Good old Pema. I have dabbled in Soto Zen, belonged to a dharma group for a long time. I loved it, and it was very good for me. So why why why don't I sit down and shut up on my cushion? Please explain DEATH to me. I don't understand it.