Don't eat it!!
Pop your own, it is easy

The artificial butter flavoring in most popcorn has been linked to serious inflammation. Daniluk says it’s hard on both the lungs and liver, and her concern is that if we know the fumes from the steaming bag contain a lung irritant, imagine what it does to your digestive system. It also contains fats from the highly processed partially hydrogenated oils being cooked at high temperature, and these transfats are also inflammatory. 
Popping the corn yourself.

Use a medium sized pot with a lid.
Have your burner red hot.
Cover the bottom of your pan (one layer) with the corn.

Shake, first for a minute or so, with pan right on the element, then lift above the element about an inch or so and don't stop shaking until you hear it all popped.  With my sized pot, the pot gets full and the lid starts to lift up a bit and then I know it is ready.

I use butter on mine, so delicious for a snack in the evening while watching TV.  You can also use parmesan cheese if you don't use butter, or both. 
Nice and good suggestion Jessy
Thanks Lena, add some suggestions if you like.  I notice that you are enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  We have to do this before it is too late.

Following your posts,  any help is appreciated.

  Jessy   :D  
Thanks Jessy--Can always use a reminder about those things we call "food" that really have no nourishment whatsoever and are even detrimental to our health.  

I've been transitioning to eating whole foods for a while now and discovering the deliciousness of eating healthy.  It is a process, though, and requires planning and preparation.  We are so bombarded with the temptation of processed foods and fast, fatty foods, which are so tempting, since they are so convenient.
Oh yes Wanda, I agree.  I have changed my eating habits in the last couple years (wish I had done it sooner).  My biggest problem was baked goods and I put on an extra 20 lbs, which I am now trying to get off through good eating and exercise.  I feel you have to have a treat day or a specific thing, like the popcorn, to promise to yourself, for behaving.  I look forward to it.

I don't buy chips, baked good, store bought sweets anymore....and I feel much better because of it.

Thanks for your comments folks, and feel free to add some tips for me.  I love good advice that will  be beneficial to my overall health.

Jessy :D