mollie2015 wrote: Thank You Joceannora for your reply.

I'm sorry that your Sweetheart died so tragically.That is hard. I'm beginning to think that when you have had time to prepare, the passing in some way is easier than if it is sudden.
I'm going to take on your attitude about finding things which are funny. I can hear my husband's comments when something happens, but maybe it's too soon to hear my mother's.

Joceannora, I've just reread your post. I'm so sorry for you that your mother was so prickly and drove you away.

Mollie, I apologize, I just saw this. I can be such a dork (everyone knows).

Thank you for your kind words too. I hope every day offers you something to laugh at even a little.
I too am missing my loved ones so badly and still wish I could pick up the phone and call them.
We really need to love everyone we have precious time allotted .
good morning all I am new to 50plusclub too. Happy to have found such a good group of people.
My heart goes out to all of you and I am sorry for your loss. I too lost my husband 3 years ago unexpectedly. I agree with crying and crying hard because it does do something for healing. I feel like I have just begun to put my head up again and laugh. It does feel good and I too am altered from the experience. I guess that is what life is about, experiencing and moving on but not forgetting.
thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts with us. It helps to not feel alone in it.
I started loosing my brothers when I was 16 from a genetic disease called ALD. My sister has lost one son and is watching another one die. My sister also now just went into hospice. We had children before we found out there was a genetic problem. My parents had 12 children, three girls and nine boys. I have watched six of my brothers die, not counting nephews. I have grieved at each passing, but I have learned a great deal also. Please let me share:
1)Always remember life is for the living, and live life to its fullest.
2)Death is always hardest on those left behind. Understand this, and look at your deceased loved one in a manner that puts a positive note to their lives. Fully honor your loved one in a way that honors yourself as well.
3)Never wait till tomorrow to hug, to say I love you, to ask for forgiveness, to listen, to laugh, to give of yourself in time, to all those that live in your circle, be they family, friends, or those that just pass through.
4)You will always miss them, always. But instead of letting the heart hurt, fill it with those memories that express the love and joy you had with your loved one. I would rather be remembered for my homemade bread and family time around the kitchen table, than with tears.
These simple things have helped me deal with death. God has been a constant in my life.Faith is a strong healer. Understand, that at times you will be comforted, but remember also you will have to be the comforter. Be there for those that need help. But most importantly accept help and comfort from others. To grieve is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of humanity.
I hope some of these things will help.
Great advice TheLadyL. You are very experienced and I am sorry that is so. I can't imagine what your family is going through. I appreciate that you have shared this wisdom with me and the others who are reading it. Your words have given me permission to live life for the living. I started a blog on being a widow and loving oxymoron I know... and I would share it with you but we don't do that here. It has helped me express what is happening and to give space for others to share too. I felt differently then most in that I was really excited about being a woman on my own, learning to experience life, relying on myself. When I would express myself, I learned fast that society didn't accept my behavior. In mourning I feel devastated, sad, angry, happy and excited and more. I couldn't understand why ALL my feelings were not accepted. I believed there were others like me who maybe were stuffing their happier feelings away during mourning so I started this blog. I really enjoy it and it has helped me through this time.
Thanks for listening. :)
There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my loved ones that has venture home from this life.Most recent my husband on 2/2/2015. Talking about world ending. After 35 years of marriage, Now everything I do is alone. , They year 2000 to 2003 was the worst yet. They say death comes in threes and now I sure believe it. In the 3 years I lost my mom, my father in law, and my brother in law. then in 2004 my sister and lastly my other sister. and finaly my husband. I miss them all so much.But my faith in God, and always in prayer, helped me alot, I seek no boyfriend now and sure do not want to do the marrige thing again. I just want to keep the memories, of what was. I'm blessed.I keep reading my bible of seeing loved again, and I look forward to that. I thank God I got the talent of my dad now gone as an artist, and the talent of my mother as a writer, along with her character. Missing my family means a lot to me, to know I can do this, I can move on. Time is what everyone needs to heal, to adjust, and to gain strength again. It is never easy. I been a widow 5 months now , it is not an easy process to adjust. I miss my hubby so much, I can never say "I just want to hear his voice one more time." One time more is never enough, I am managing, I am surviving, and I am moving on. Thoughts do run in my mind of doubts, but I ignore them because I know I can and I will , because I got that special God who can walk me through anything . Even this.
raindancer... my heart goes out to you.
I miss my love ones too  :(
New here lost my husband in March right now I am trying to push past the pain. At times it is very haard But I keep saying to myself I got this.
oh my... you made me in tears now as I have lost my father just 2 months ago and the missing is still strong enough to make me so so sad....
Hi Everyone,
I am new to this site but so far I have found some interesting folks on here. I just wanted to share that I lost my husband 2 years ago and I miss him so much some days it just makes me so sad. So I feel sad for everyone that has lost someone close to them. I lost my parents several years ago but I still miss them. Bless you all and I hope you find peace in the memories you have of your loved ones.
:( I lost 8 siblings and both parents... 4 killed 4 died cancer and left me aloe for 9 yrs.. yes I do feel sad and lonely all the time cuz there are no more family for me.. no aunts no uncles... its hard not having special occasions ... when I find a date . .. many of them hurts my feeling for saying oh u don't have a family. then what I suppose to says. Not too many men I met are supported me. I haven't date for 17 yrs and find it hard to choose a guy who is very caring.I hope someday to meet a nice guy and understand my feeling my loss.. as I need to be in love and love to join another family...
"Life isn't about waiting
For the storm to pass...
It's about learning to
Dance in the Rain."
By Vivian Green
Hi EveryOne..I've been a widow for a year now,My husband passed last October 2016..We had 2 children ages 22 and 18.At first 3 months I had a hard time being alone..but time passes by ,things changes..I'am very attached to my husband ..we usuall do things together.But I have to be strong for my children.I renewed my faith to our Lord..I started to join a support group a Charismatic Catholic Community..That's all my Friends..Sorry for my bad English.Thank you so much for reading my post and God Bless Us all.
PapaMRich I cannot retrieved my first account..Hope to find you again.