I promised on another thread that if there was one about motorbikes I'd contribute to it. There was (see below*) but I've relaunched it here.

I actually have one plus several bits. An MZ250, which, as far as I know, still functions - or will, once consumables are replaced, and a Suzuki 250 which was dismantled about 40 years ago - I can't remember why - and has followed me around in boxes ever since. Sadly, I haven't ridden for 20 years. Either the bike or I have been unwell and not up to it, and it's now on the "must get around to" list. My driving licence expires in 4 years time!

But I'm into my motorcycle racing. Never as a competitor, but I've been to the Isle of Man TT about 30 times and still go to the Southern 100, Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix. Also a regular at Scarborough, I've been to the North West 200 a few times and I watch my local club racing at Aintree when it doesn't clash with the above.

I also watch BSB, WSB, MotoGP and Speedway on television.
Anybody else?

*(I've cut and pasted this. It was my response to a thread about motorcycling in Northumberland, in Hobbies. Prior to me, there was one response, asking where is Northumberland? The original poster has now left, probably to try his luck in a biker cafe or pub in Northumberland, where I suspect he has more chance of finding kindred spirits. Anyway, I thought the location and title of the thread weren't attracting contributors, so this is my relaunch.)
Hmmm.. Is this the computer repairs site ? Kidding.......
Ah, there you are! There are quite a few who have listed motorcycles amongst their interests, so hopefully we can lure them in. The trouble with Harleys in this country is that they're built for American roads which are long and straight. Admittedly they are quite popular in the UK, but our roads are short, narrow and twisty. And I prefer Indians - :shock: Ooops, did I really write that?
So, anyway, the trendy bikes to go for in the UK at present are scrambler bobbers and big "adventure bikes" - the 2 wheeled equivalent of 4x4 all terrain vehicles.

So, Ms Widow, will you be buying one of those new electric Harleys that are about to be unleashed upon us? Now, those probably are something you could post about in a computer thread!
I’m sure there was a response from Black Widow here, last time I looked! What happened to that, then?

The following partial quote was snipped from another thread, and appears in this one because my response is definitely about motorcycles, and not in any way about computer diagnostics.
cerberus97 wrote: Motorbike refers to any machine over 250cc. Below that it's a moped...

I’ve never heard that one before. I assume it's a typing error….

Back when I learnt to ride, in 1969 (50 years ago! :shock: ) at age 16 you could learn on anything up to 250cc. There was a range of motorbikes below that, from 100cc to 200cc in 25cc increments, and most scooters were below 250cc. There was also the ubiquitous Honda Cub stepthrough, midway between bike and scooter, which came in 50, 70 and 90 cc variants. A moped had pedals as well as a motor.

Now a 16 year old can learn on a moped, which is anything up to 50cc, and most of them are scooters in form if not in classification. At 17 you can move to a 125cc machine – scooter or motorcycle.
see link. Definitely motorbikes!

There was also, until a couple of years ago, a category for 125cc bikes at British Superbike races.

Anecdotally, many an old biker is rediscovering the joy of pottering around countryside B roads at a leisurely pace with queues of caravans and tractors impatiently building up behind.

And, of course the replacement for the sadly discontinued Cub, still not quite bike or scooter, has a 125cc motor.

So let’s not dismiss those of less than the quarter litre (which, I accept, was probably accidental.) Size isn’t everything. Small is beautiful. A small motorcycle is still a motorcycle.

Think of them as “fun size!”
Hmmm,, I deleted the prior post as it was containing TMI. So,, now all I can say is.........Indians are wayyy cool.....Fully dressed in the color red w/saddlebags,,, nice............Otherwise,, my first knowledge of motorcycles was flathead, shovelhead and panhead, a few with suicide clutches, lol. Victorys are cool also........That's all !!!!
AnotherDave wrote: A small motorcycle is still a motorcycle.

A bicycle with a motor is a motorcycle, yup. Anything above 250cc is a motorbike. 8)
blackwidow wrote: my first knowledge of motorcycles was flathead, shovelhead and panhead, a few with suicide clutches, lol.

Suicide clutch was a favourite of Steve McQueen, but it still didn't help him make that great escape :lol: