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A decade ago, I worked as secretary for a small Catholic school. One quiet afternoon I got a call from Father, panicked, asking me to come over to the parish house (across the street) to help him with a computer problem.

The church office was an addition to the parish house and he waited until staff had left to ask me into the house. His issue was he'd either opened a spam mail or been surfing the web and now had a shortcut on his desktop linking to a porn site.

He, of course, was frantic about it, pacing until I ferreted it out and got rid of it. I remember trying to reassure him that it happened to everybody, (everybody meaning those who don't realize how easy it is to pick up a malware trojan horse). Back then you could visit a site for bunion care and wind up with a trojan. He was lucky this one was pretty benign and easy to get rid of.

I waited till I got back to my office before chuckling about it. Not one person on staff ever knew about Father's little computer issue; and there was no one in the school office while I was chuckling about it either.
:lol: thanks for the laugh, just got the image stuck in my head,  :shock:
That wasn't the whole story which still makes me smile when I think about it.

Father Vincent was (is, I think he's still working in his vocation) a complete innocent, a wonderful, caring person. He just had no concept of how things might appear.

After I fixed his computer, I noticed this very nice writing pen next to it which caused him to tell me about his collection of pens. There were several in the living room and each one had a story behind it. Then he said, that's not my whole collection, here let me show you.

And he did show me. His entire collection. Located in his bedroom.

So here we are, alone in the parish house, in his bedroom. He's talking away about this wonderful collection and now I'm anxious and thinking, "Father, you have no idea what someone might think if they walked in right now and saw us alone in your bedroom!"

Not wanting to seem rude but as quickly as I could, I mentioned I should get back to work. I did chuckle about it the rest of the afternoon in turn with feeling how awful it would have been if someone had come in and decided to cause trouble for him. No one that innocent should have to shoulder something like that.
:lol: poor guy so innocent, who would believe that you was looking at his pen collection  :shock: love stories like this,cheers you up  :)