My coworker had told me that she was informed that she has cataracts in both eyes as a result of the chemo treatments. Another side effect but easily solved .
Ya there are tons of side effects from chemo. They made me go through the process since at one point they thought I was going to have to start chemo, I had an earache the day I was supposed to start chemo so they said they wouldn't start it if I already had an infection and they booked an appointment with the Dr. for the following Wednesday. In between that time they got the final pathology report and said I didn't need chemo!! I was never so glad to have had an earache!!
They had gone through some of the common side effects, some were if you get ringing in the ears to tell them, since this will be permanent. I know people who have had either chemo or radiation and they get hot flashes from it even years later, rashes even for years later. And of course the nausea and immunity issues. I know people who have permanent organ damage and the list just goes on and on, there are different drugs and combinations of them that they use. And then the next person will go through it virtually symptom free, you just never know what to expect, depends on the person, I think that's what makes it so scary, the unknown.
I believe the most important thing you need to do before starting any treatment or medicine, is be informed. Understand your risk and understand the benefits. Never make a decision to take a treatment or medication without total knowledge or understanding what the pros and cons are. Remember doctors are not all knowing and above all are not God. They are human beings just like the rest of us. Mistakes happen every day. Medicine can either kill or heal. Remember you and only you are the captain of your body. Be a good steward, become informed.
Miss Information
mi.lwcus wrote: On New Year's Eve just past, my neighbor called round and told me that she had been
diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She just broke down and I gave her a big hug, but
I was also stunned by the announcement and at that moment didn't know what to do or
say. She is a lovely lady, same age as myself and married to a very jealous and abusive
husband. If she is here for any longer than 10-15 minutes he's comes barging over and
ordering her back home. He's basically a couch potato with the TV remote control glued
to his hand, and another remote to control his wife. She accepts the situation as it is
and is not bothered about doing anything to put things right.

I'm always doing something for them, baking muffins, apple strudels, peanut brittle and
loads of veg that I grow. Every christmas I give them a large tin of chocolates, a bottle
good quality wine and bake them a large fruit cake. But since she told me her news, I
am doing a lot more baking for her as I know she appreciates it, and I don't really know
what more that I can do to support her.

In July, she had good news that the tumor had shrunk to almost nothing, following
weeks of chemotherapy. I was very happy for her, hoping that this would just go into
remission. Last week, she told me that she had a large lump to the side of her breast
and the doctors said it was spreading to the whole breast. She told me it was uncomfortable
and all her side was getting red from the radiotherapy. I've been quite upset over this, and
don't really know what to do for her. I really don't want to see her go, and seems so unfair
that it's the good people that die first, or so it seems. I don't feel comfortable to ask her
about her situation/treatment any more, but want to keep her mind off the subject and
maybe my mind as well.


Ron I am so sorry to hear about your friend/neighbor but always remember your there for her and that is all that matters. Keep the faith!
I feel sorry for this lady and her situation and admire your strength and kindness in being there. However, I would like to tell you about a situation that I recently saw happen to someone on my street, and I tell you this only so you can be objective and maybe make some assessments not based on emotion but make sure you have all the facts first, I wouldn't want to see this situation happen to you that happened to the person I know.

A lady on my street, married, kids, was in a lonely marriage and needed some attention and loved the attention she was getting from a male co-worker.....he treated her well, did things for her, etc. She told him she has been diagnosed with cancer also, which in turn caused him to give even more, do more, be there for her more, etc. She continued to accept his kindness, etc. She also told him to not say anything to anyone about the fact that she had cancer. He obliged. To make a long story short, it eventually came out that she did not have cancer at all, and was using the story as a means of getting more help, kindness and caring from the male co-worker.

It's sometimes easy to see why people resort to such extreme's when they're lonely and need attention or when they want to get something from's not right, but I am not here to judge anyone. I'm just saying maybe you should make sure that what you are being told is the truth and not an exaggeration or fabrication in an effort to use you. Just saying.
Agree. I suggest you step back for a moment and really look at the situation before you commit. Some people thrive on drama, and pain, and living through others emotions. It self validates them. Its a form of Munchausen by Proxy. They never heal, they never seek help, and they stay constantly in the same upheaval. But this is a chosen path.
Hi mi.Iwcus. I am sure you know that your friend really has cancer. People do not all lie. I spent weeks and weeks next to my companion in oncology, I slept in a small bed beside him. I saw the moral and physical suffering in oncology. It's horrible. I have seen the suffering of people. By the way I do not like judging people because there is always a reason for what they do. "Sometimes doctors say that a person may have cancer. Sometimes, it takes a long time to get the diagnosis. Sometimes after spending a lot of testing there is no cancer. Waiting for a diagnosis is very stressful. If there is no cancer then we must be thankful. After initial treatment sometimes doctors say the cancer is cured. Unfortunately a few months after the same cancer or another reappears in strength and the person dies." I sincerely hope that all goes well for your friend. Take care of you. Your friend Chokko x
I spent some time today with my neighbor. She really doesn't look well at all and is nearly just skin and bone. She broke down in tears, several times, and finally admitted to me that she is having a hard time with the cancer. She is upset and unable to hide her fear that her time is running out. It upsets her to know she can't plan for a normal future and that next year will never come. It is spreading and she has been undergoing radiotherapy each week. Her hair is starting to fall out and a couple of weeks ago, cut her hair short so that she could try fitting some wigs. She has now shorn her hair close to the scalp because she says is causing a lot of pain as it comes out. I have given her reassurance and lots of hugs. She knows just how much worry I have for her and she says she can feel comfortable talking to me about things. That does make things a bit better for me to take on board. I told her that I have absolutely no idea of what she is going through and she would have to guide me along as well. I keep telling her that if she wants me to bake or cook anything for her, she only has to ask and never feel guilty about it. I have even offered to cook her family their evening meal, to give her a break and give her a chance to sit back and relax.

It was upsetting seeing her this way and I now know that she might not last until Christmas. I keep telling her she will be ok and tell her things we will do next year. I always hoped that she would go into remission, but from my point of view it appears her health is going down too quickly. Tomorrow, I think I will contact the MacMillan nurses for advice on what to expect, how best to help her and help both of us to come to terms with it. I just can't explain the feeling of frustration, being totally helpless and useless at the same time.