Has anyone heard of, or suffer from, a rare form of neuralgia called trigeminal neuralgia?

I have had it for some years now - on one side of my face, actually a form called SUNCT (Short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing) 

I don't have his but know what it is. Like the neuropathy I have on one side of my head there is no cure short of operation. I presume you were prescribed medication to control it. I presume you know also it is causes by damage to the cover on the nerve. Again no cure. The pain I'm told is very bad when it is there. Treatment with Carbamazine is usually what confirms it do to the fact it works so well. Diagnoses is necessary to separate it from just being pinched.

What ever you have found for relief I hope it works for you. For what I have, heat, cortisone and morphine is all that works.  That and putting up with it. 
Hello Davit

Thanks for your reply.  You're spot on, Carb has worked.  I am pleased you have some relief other than having to put up with what you have.