Hi. Im SereneShe. Im fairly new here and still learning this site. Its got alot going on . Im a bit overwhelmed.
Im seeking a ltr. Im not even positive im writing this in the right spot! THIS MIGHT sound very bland but my personality is not.
Come say hello if you are seeking the same.
Hi there and welcome. Many people have found partners here over the years. You can see some of the success stories if you click on "Magazine" then "success stories" from your home page, where members share their stories. :)
Hi Serene,
I am new also, so maybe we can figure this out together. Hope you are having a great evening and an even better weekend.
Shirley C
Hi ladies,
I am new too, one day old in this space and totally lost. However, I am positive I will soon find my footing. Let us keep learning the ropes ladies, we will soon get it right. I am looking for LTR.