Today is my first day on my new diet. I have DIABETES now. That scared me so much. I am cutting out all sugar. I want to take down my weight and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Any suggestions on this will be appreciated. I have so much illness now-thyroid,osteoporosis,osteoarthritis,cancer in remission,highcholesterol,depression, and now diabetes.  :(
What are the good carbs and bad carbs? I don't know the difference. I should google that. I was given a diet sheet from doctor and it seems I can't even have bread. Life without bread  :(
Your good carbs are pure food carbs like oats and whole grains.  Bad carbs are refined things like white bread, white sugar, etc. Any sweetener like honey, agave, etc. should be used in moderation.  They may be natural but they're still forms of sugar.

My mom was diagnosed with Type II diabetes several years ago so we've had to change the way we eat. This is a good place to start:

The key as with everything is moderation.  You can still have a cookie every now and then.  The key is "A" cookie.  My mom is allowed 45 carbs per meal so we work around that.  And you can have bread, just not the refined white garbage. Look for something with a good fibre count.

You can never cut out ALL sugar because that would eliminate just about everything but lettuce and celery but  you can look for added sugar as in glucose, fructose, dextrose, etc.  You will become an expert at reading food labels :lol: