Please help me get things into perspective!

I am a very recent new member to the site.
Never thought I would be on here for several reasons, but here I am.
For one, I am from the "old school" learning the new technological approach to living and surviving in today's world.

In an effort to socialize more, social media is the 'safest' medium in light of Covid 19.

I am on here and I am not sure what to expect.
So far,
I have 1 female friend I cannot seem to communicate with her.
I have had one profile of one person taken down.
I visit the chat room no body there, the read up about that says that some people use it for saying not so good things.
Have reached out to quite a few profiles, no response.
I have written on the "Forum"
I peruse the site frequently.
I DO NOT have the PREMIUM package - Will that solve my problem?
( on a budget, so now, add $240.00 this is now an investment.)
I am not cheap, just thrifty.
Am I expecting too much, in too short a time?

Any feedback!!!!
Any MR. RIGHT???
Any one need "A RIB"
Straighten me out :)
Just wanted to say hello from another newbie - and wish you luck.
Thank you so much for your response. :D
You are welcome.
Thrifty is the word, and with such an attitude, you can't go wrong.
I think you can join the chat on Sunday evenings ( interestingly, I kept checking yesterday, and didn't see anyone online ).
Sort of quiz-banters thing for an hour or so, but you have to factor in your time-zone.

Keep safe.
Hi all. New members are always welcome to join in the weekly quiz which starts at 9pm(UK time) on Sundays (4pm NYC and Toronto, 1pm on the western US/Canada coast!). The quizzers are quite punctual so the room can be empty a few minutes before it starts! :) To quote a line from "Field of Dreams"....."people will come; people will definitely come" :D