Hi everyone I have been a premium member on here for about four months and never new this place existed I was always in the chat room which can be very good at times, well thats me hope we make contact in the very near future or why not pay a visit to the chat room see ya's

Hi Bill

The Lounge posts are good, but I still think the chat room is the best place to get to know people on this site.

I agree with you Jers...live chat is so much better for getting to know someone. I watch the forums though and if there is an interesting subject I will participate. It is nice to read what some have to say and join in as well.
Thank you Ladies (Jersey & Fern) my Two Sweethearts in the Room for your wonderful comments and yes the chat room is a fantastic place to start making freinds or a relationship but we are not getting the volume of chatters that we should be getting WHY because new members are left in limbo not knowing what to do once they have signed in, I have seen a couple of newbies who have said they can only send a smile and others have said they can't send a message well this is totally untrue because I have read the rules and they are allowed one of each a day as a non premium member, different if you are a premium member, but this is not the point I am trying to make,
The way I see it is we have the ROOM then we have the TOP STEP which has the Chatters Online standing there, then there is the BOTTOM STEP which has the New Members so saying that who the hell forgot to fit the Door Bell to let them into the room or who threw away the damned key if that is the case How do new chatters know about the rooms existence no-one has told them unless they look at the top of the page and see chat and then put two and two together
Another problem with the site is making contact with other members outside the room this is practically an impossible task as there is two choices in your profile Send a message and you wait forever to get a reply then you have Invite to Chat which in some cases this option does not exist but I have tried this and never got it to work yet so how does it work there is no instructions, Sending messages or a smile is a joke they are never opened and end up being deleted I send lots of smiles as a thank you for veiwing my profile (which on average is 25 a week), If I get a thank you reply I will return the compliment and invite them to chat in the room just to try and boost the room numbers up and not for my own pleasure. Would we benifit from having extra rooms like keeping the existing room as General Chat Room, Room 2 for Relationships, Room 3 for Music. I guess there is some
room for improvement by the site owners and would welcome other reveiws to see if we (the chatters) can boost this fantastic Room which is Home from Home for a lot of us. Well readers this is my veiw and how I see things why the room is going down if you disagree then your comments are more than welcome but lets get this room on its feet again....Bill
Thank you for your comments and concern Bill but I can assure you that all new members receive a welcome message from me which includes tips on getting started and recommendations to use the chat and forums. Some reply with queries and others find their own way to check out the club.
The chat room is often quieter in the summer months as members get out and about more; also the vast majority of our members do not chat or want to for a variety of reasons. Some are wary of chatting to strangers online and in some cases it can take a while for them to pluck up the courage to venture in. Even then, some prefer to watch and comment occasionally. There are also those who feel that many chatters are just there to chat to friends while they might have other ideas about the prospects of meeting someone special. There have been many occasions where members have met a long term partner in the club, whether it was in the chat or outside by way of messaging. We try to share success stories as much as we can as it gives hope to others but of course some people prefer to keep their relationships private and we respect this.
This club is unlike many others in that it caters for all people over 50(Well, min age 45) whatever they are looking for, whether it is friendships or a relationship or merely someone to talk to now and then.
By the way Bill, basic members cannot message other basic members other than a standard message such as a smile or a friend request but they can message or reply to Premium members; and the 3 free actions per day applies to messages, comments in the gallery, forum and blogs. It does not include friend requests.
Dang, I read the whole thing. Was Impressed G1, honest TY. Good Show Pay attn, folks.