Though I certainly understand the EU Human Rights position on many requested extraditions, I do not understand the UK's refusal to extradite Tobias Bowen. Accused of child rape, molestation, endangerment, and more.....extreme evidence beyond a simple accusation, and more than one victim. The reasoning being the US does not impose a definining length of incarceration prior to a trial. Our system has parameters of sentencing for crimes, but the actuality of the sentence, if convicted, is imposed after the trial via a sentencing hearing.

Seems to me, since the advent of the EU, criminals and suspected criminals are able to use the loopholes of Human Rights tenets to avoid and escape consequences of their actions if they can just slip across the pond or across a less friendly border, into the UK. And, it seems to me that the UK's hands are tied up often by the EU rules.

The only upside I can see to this is he will no longer be a threat to any children here.
I read about this story too and understand that this man is awaiting extradition although the US record on human rights is not popular with many countries and they were voted off the United Nations Human Rights Commission in 2001.This record might well have a bearing on the delayed extradition of this man but as far as I am aware, it is still under consideration. The UK is part of the European Union and has been a party to the human rights legislation within the community.
It is, of course, eligible for appeal, I doubt that will change this decision.

As far as US standing.......we did not receive enough votes to maintain our membership, however, it was not due to being inhumane, it was a strategic political vote. The UK considered it a destructive move in the long run.

Whether it is or isn't, is immaterial at this point, but, I do read so much of, common criminals to terrorist leaders, supporters, and participants finding shelter in the UK directly due to the HRO.........
It simply confuses me.
I think we are all confused as we don't really know what happens behind closed doors! I am not at all nationalistic and trying to make sense of it! :?
I don't know this case but is there a possibility of a death sentence here? That is a big obstacle for for extradition from EEU countries.

A definining length of incarceration prior to a trial seems strange because all crimes have a maximum possible penalty written in the books. Deciding a sentence length in advance would eliminate extenuating circumstances in advance, hardly fair either. It would also tie the prosecution's hands regarding a plea bargain or cooperation with the prosecution on possible information concerning other crimes or suspects. I can't see the US justice system doing that.
No, no death penalty on the table at all. That, I would have understood.
It started with decimalization. Then Edward Heath and his idea of EU and the common agricultural policy. Margaret Thatcher had the right ideas .....UK as far as I know is the highest contributor. Cheap holidays are gone forever as Greece and other Eastern countries are sucking up the subsidies trying to level the prices everywhere. They now wish to allow Turkey (of all nations) into the EU.  It was a good job UK did opt out of the Euro and what a wise situation that was too. Can you imagine a British currency without the queens portrait? 

There are not many patriots left. I for one would be prepared to pick up arms and fight (at the age of 63) if called upon and if I only could let out 1 bullet towards  the enemy before I fall I would do it despite the fact that I have still 2 boys to raise.

Graham disagreed with me when I said "the country has gone to the dogs" but Mutley has nothing to do with it.



Here is a complete list of the nations sitting on the U.N Human Rights Council:
Year in parentheses indicates when the term of membership expires.

Algeria (2016)
Botswana (2017)
Congo (2017)
Côte d’Ivoire (2015)
Ethiopia (2015)
Gabon (2015)
Ghana (2017)
Kenya (2015)
Morocco (2016)
Namibia (2016)
Nigeria (2017)
Sierra Leone (2015)
South Africa (2016)

Argentina (2015)
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) (2017)
Brazil (2015)
Cuba (2016)
El Salvador (2017)
Mexico (2016)
Paraguay (2017)
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (2015)

Bangladesh (2017)
China (2016)
India (2017)
Indonesia (2017)
Japan (2015)
Kazakhstan (2015)
Maldives (2016)
Pakistan (2015)
Qatar (2017)
Republic of Korea (2015)
Saudi Arabia (2016)
United Arab Emirates (2015)
Viet Nam (2016)

France (2016)
Germany (2015)
Ireland (2015)
Netherlands (2017)
Portugal (2017)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (2016)
United States of America (2015)

Albania (2017)
Estonia (2015)
Latvia (2017)
Montenegro (2015)
Russian Federation (2016)
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2016)

It is interesting to note that countries like Qatar, Pakistan, China, Cuba, and Sierra Leone represent the face for human rights. I suggest you look into some of the nations that are involved in "guarding" human rights, and ask yourself why is the fox guarding the hen house? The UN is a political organization, nothing more. To point out the US as having a dismal record on human rights, yet not remark on those countries that really need a course in human rights 101, is again a example of the herd mentality. Many will follow with only a few words spoken, a few will stop and really look at said words and wonder the truth of those words. Which are you?
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