Sorry, I haven't been around for a while, I'm involved in a Childrens Charity and fundraising for events.

I like to visit Inishbofin Island off the west coast of Ireland when I need to recharge my batteries.

The work of idle hands (mine)
When I'm not doing something constructive or productive, this is the sort of thing that keeps me occupied.

I visit Inishbofin Island of The West Coast of Ireland fairly frequently, it's my 'get away from it all hideaway'.

I took various photographs and set them in video format adding a music background track to create a virtual tour of the Island.

Inishbofin Island A Virtual Tour
Dave707 thank you the island looks absolutely gorgeous - will definately go on a (long) list of places I will visit.
What is the music please ?

It sounds beautiful, my idea of a blissful break from the manic norm. On a seperate note, I am also working with a Charity and finding fundraising very difficult. However, as the saying goes ' the only place you find success before work is in the dictionary'! Day at a time. Thank you for the link, it is now on my list of places to visit :)
Hi Dave,
 I'm probably off by miles,but I heard a song performed by the Irish Tenors a few yr ago about an island of the west coast (I think) of Ireland which was so very,very beautiful.It had 'Inish' in the name of the island but does not sound like your island which leads me to wonder if 'Inish' is Gaelic for 'island'?Pardon my ignorance,lol.God bless
Dave ,Would you by chance know of this song.??Thanks  Bill
Hi Haw, I look up on line
Inish (the Irish word for 'island' and also for ' tell')
hawqguy wrote: Dave ,Would you by chance know of this song.??Thanks  Bill

I think it maybe the lake isle of innisfree, I can't find it free to show sung by the Irish Tenors, but here it is sung by Eamon Denny

I'm wondering though if you've heard The Irish Tenors sing this?

Very beautiful photos David!!!
My dad's father came from Ireland, as did my first husband's grandfather. My daughter, being the traveller, has been to Ireland several times, visiting the 'family roots' from both her dad's side of the family, as well as mine. My daughter just loves it in Ireland.

Can you send me the links to these photos, as I am sure when my daughter is able to go back to Ireland (and I know she will), she would love to visit this location as well. The rugged beauty of places like this, really intrigues her.
Here's the URL for the Virtual Tour of Inishbofin

This is the official website of the island:

Best Regards,
Thank you David, I have sent that information off to my daughter.

It is such a lovely peaceful location, with such rugged beauty. I can understand your enjoying the tranquility there. :)
Hi Dave.Thank you .I remember in the song by the Irish Tennors in the accompanying film that the island was off the rocky west coast of Ireland.(It showed it from the air,innitially).The song was so very beautiful.I have an old VCR tape with them on it...I wonder if it's on that.My hard drive was corrupted a few days ago and I haven't had time to do anything with it yet,can't even start it in safew mode.My backup doesn't have any sound so I can't play the music.
Thanks to you too Star.God bless.
Hi Dave,

Lying in bed with he dreaded lurgy looking at your pictures and videos, combined with the music I am now totally relaxed and feeling better already!

My family are also from Ireland and had the chance to visit the Dongegal and Belfast area last year, this has to go on my places to visit now.

Keep up the good work!