To motivate myself and keep me focused, I have printed weekly sheets encouraging me to complete 3 daily tasks, Monday to Sunday, These tasks can be as simple as, phone a family member, pay a bill, or deal with a situation I really don't want to tackle that I have been putting off!
Naturally,I don't always complete my aspirations, however,I find the process is very helpful with focusing what I need to get done this week/this month.
 I have a quotation at the top  of the sheet which had  inspired me personally to get on with the task, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first four sharpening the axe" I personally feel so connected to this quote because I was one of those students who,when facing exams, spent hours composing a "Study Timetable" in different coloured pens, wasting time, however,succeeded academically, in spite of that procrastination Therefore, as an adult I felt this quote was so inspiring, it said to me, stop procrastinating just do it.On reflection, and a  total generation away 
 I  decided to share this quotation with my adult children and their interpretation. Their interpretation has been so different to mine. They read  this quote as, "  if you spend  enough time preparing, you will have the tools to succeed,  you will have The Sharpe Axe, therefore, YOU WILL SUCEED.  Their different/positive attitude has made me rethink.
 Is this a gender/generation different prospective?
 They  have made shaken my initial, historic perspective. 
Where do you stand on this?
Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance !
Preparation is the key. Before you start a job you need to ensure you have the correct tools, this goes for fixing a leaky tap to the ideal job interview.

I often tell my students if they need to revise the morning of the exam they have not prepared to pass it, like most things we can not plan for the unexpected but if everything else is in order we can use the time to deal with the problem giving it our full attention.
My reading of this is that Claddagh Blue isn't asking so much about preparation as looking for MOTIVATION. All the preparation in the world isn't going to provide that. It may help, but how many times have you laid the ground work for something you want to do the next day, then got up in the morning and not carried it through?
Take today. I had planned to go out somewhere and have a nice day. Come this morning, the motivation to do it is lacking.
Motivation is an interesting subject as different people are motivated by different things. I find travel and adventure much more motivating than housework but i'm sure most people feel the same! Now the Wimbledon tennis coverage is over I can get a lot more done as I love sport and its too easy to be distracted from other tasks! I hope you can get members motivated for meet ups and events Skippy! I might be going to a music event in Nantwich in October and wonder if this might be a possibility for any others too? Its called the Words & Music Festival and includes various performers on each day of the week.
 Think you will be surprised to know who the quote is from.......
Abraham Lincoln
Nantwich in October,Words & Music Festival
Sounds like something that would be worth the trip,
I am sure we can get a few people to join us Graham, once we motivate them:)
Must google this Words and music festival- Nantwich isn't too far from me.
"Think you will be surprised to know who the quote is from.......
Abraham Lincoln"

An early version of Parkinson's Law, which states that "work expands to fill the time available for its completion."
Nobody needs four hours to sharpen an axe.